Photo of Joan Herrington
Chair and professor
(269) 387-3224
Photo of Kevin Abbott
Projections and Virtual Technology
(269) 387-5010
Photo of Jay Berkow
Professor, Music Theatre Performance
(269) 387-3307
Photo of Brian Boyer
Master Electrician
(269) 387-3573
Photo of Cheryl Bruey
Master Faculty Specialist, Stage Management
(269) 387-3912
Photo of Kelly Carey
Instructor, Music Theatre Voice
Photo of Evan Carlson
Assistant Professor, Lighting Design
(269) 387-3218
Photo of Thom Cooper
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-6171
Photo of Katherine Doerr
Instructor, Theatre Studies
Photo of Emily Duguay
Director of Theatre Arts Management
(269) 387-3227
Photo of Lofty Durham
Associate Professor, Theatre History
(269) 387-3308
Photo of Kathy Gibson
Instructor, Music Theatre Voice
(269) 387-4753
Photo of Cindy Hunter
Instructor, Musicianship
Photo of Marcus Jordan
Instructor, Music Theatre Voice
Photo of Julia Kosanovich
Costume Shop Supervisor
(269) 387-7461
Photo of Dwandra Nickole Lampkin
Associate Professor, Acting
(269) 387-3914
Photo of Mark Liermann
Associate Professor, Acting
(269) 387-3229
Instructor, Music Theatre Voice
(269) 387-3220
Photo of Garylee McCormick
Hair and Wig Master
Photo of Julie Nemitz
Instructor, Arts Marketing
Photo of Patrick Niemi
Technical Director
(269) 387-3211
Photo of Dave Nofsinger
Associate Professor, Scenic Design
(269) 387-3223
Photo of Joshua Reid
Instructor: Sound Design
Photo of Matt Shabala
MTP Music Director and Class Accompanist
Photo of Elizabeth Terrel
Associate Professor, Voice and Movement
(269) 387-3228
Photo of Kate Thomsen
Assistant Professor, Acting
(269) 387-3137
Photo of Kathryn Wagner
Associate Professor, Costume Design
(269) 387-3215
Photo of Wendy Wheeler
Instructor, Music Theatre Voice