Counseling Psychology (M.A.)

Counseling Psychology (M.A.)

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January 15 for Summer I and Fall Semesters*;

May 15 for just Fall Semester; and September 15 for Spring Semester.

*Applicants for the Fall Semester are encouraged to meet the January 15 deadline in order to receive admission offers early and to apply for assistantships or campus employment.


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A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is required; please submit within the online application system. Note for Resume: This should be no more than two pages in length, and in addition to the standard elements of a resume (e.g., educational and paid work experiences, etc.), please be sure you identify and clearly label all volunteer human service experience, including starting and ending dates.


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This program does not require a graduate test.

Note: International applicants may have to provide evidence of English language proficiency. More information can be found within the online application.


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This program requires three recommendation letters. Be certain that persons who are knowledgeable of your academic work and/or your professional experience to date fill out the recommendation forms, e.g. professors, employers, supervisors. Please send email requests for such recommendation from within the online system.


An image of a brown pencil on a gold background with a purple border.  Written statement

Please prepare a statement which covers the following information, and attach it within the online application:

On no more than two typewritten, double-spaced pages, write an essay discussing your professional goals. Give attention to work with racial or ethnic minorities and diverse populations throughout your essay. Include: a) your reason for wanting to be in a specific program; b) your professional goals as they relate to that program; c) an assessment of your personal assets and liabilities; and d) life experiences that might be useful in your work as a helping professional, including your work with racial/ethnic minorities and diverse populations..


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This program does not require any previous written work be submitted.


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Complete this program supplemental application program form below, save it using your last name in the document name, and then submit the saved document within the online application. Note: This form must be saved as a .pdf before uploading so that all answers will transfer to the application. 

Counseling Psychology Supplemental Application


An image of a brown page outline with many lines of text with the word Transcript at the top and also a university seal at the upper left-hand corner of the page to show it is an official document.  Transcript requirement

An official transcript from the institution from which you received your bachelor degree is required, as well as a transcript from the institution(s) where any additional graduate level courses or degrees have been taken/completed. Applicants are not required to submit an official transcript of courses taken/completed at WMU.


An image of a brown I in a brown circle on a gold background with a green border.  Additional information

This program prepares students to be eligible to become limited license psychologists in Michigan delivering mental health services including psychological assessment, testing, diagnosis and therapy in public and private agencies in accordance with the licensure laws in the State of Michigan. In Michigan, a Limited Licensed Psychologist may practice under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist. Focus on personality, psychotherapy, individual/group counseling and psychotherapy, psychological assessment, ethics, counseling psychology.

If you have any questions, please review the website below for program and contact information.

Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology — College of Education and Human Development

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