Advising by Department

WMU Academic Advising offices stand ready to continue to provide service to all students. All offices can be reached by phone and email and many are providing video advising appointments through Webex or Microsoft Teams as well.

  • Accountancy

    Department of Accountancy

    If you’ve got a head for numbers, a major in accounting can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a wide variety of interesting careers in business, industry, government, nonprofit organizations and public accounting. You will learn to analyze and solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and use information technology. The accountancy major also provides an excellent foundation for careers in government, law and education.

    Ninety-four percent of accountancy graduates are employed or in graduate school within three months of graduation.

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  • Anthropology

    Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies

    Anthropology is the study of past and present human diversity. It explores issues of cultural and biological change, and strives to gain awareness of the conditions that give rise to social differences and inequalities. It helps expand understanding of the global human condition by integrating historical, cultural and biological perspectives.

    As a Western Michigan University student with a major in anthropology, you will take courses in four fields of anthropology:

    • Archaeology—the study of past human studies through material culture.
    • Biological anthropology—examines the place of humans and their nearest relatives, the primates, within the biological world. It includes sub-specialties like human evolution to forensic science, primatology, genetic variation or adaptation.
    • Cultural anthropology—the study of human society; how humans organize themselves and in what ways does a society express its ethnicity or change its culture.
    • Linguistic anthropology—the study of language as a universal medium of human interaction.

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  • Art

    Frostic School of Art

    If you decide to major in art at Western Michigan University, you will have a broad array of opportunities available to you. Specialties that you can explore during your education include:

    • Art Education
    • Art History
    • Ceramics
    • Foundation Art
    • Graphic design
    • Metals/jewelry
    • Painting
    • Photography and intermedia
    • Printmedia
    • Pre-Art Therapy
    • Product design
    • Sculpture

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  • Biomedical Sciences

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Western Michigan University helps many students prepare for entrance into premiere medical and dental schools. The University's biomedical sciences program is designed to produce highly qualified candidates for professional programs and to prepare students for careers in health and medical research, monitoring and treatment.

    As a biomedical student at WMU, you will study life processes and anatomy to gain a broad understanding of health and the methods for diagnosing and treating disease. Your coursework will include human and molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, microbiology and physiology. You'll complete a capstone experience, which includes a senior seminar class in a specialized area or independent research carried out with a WMU professor.

    Specifically, WMU's biomedical sciences program will prepare you for:

    • Employment in clinics, research labs, industrial labs, and state and federal agencies.
    • Advanced training at the graduate and professional levels.
    • Advanced training in such clinical areas as physician assistant, pharmacy and physical therapy.

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  • Blindness and Low Vision Studies

    Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies

    If you are looking for a career that makes a difference in people's lives, you should consider a career in the blindness and low vision fields. Did you know that graduates from the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies at Western Michigan University often have four to five job opportunities from across the United States? To learn more about these programs, watch the video above and explore the links to the various programs we offer.

    (269) 387-3455

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  • Business Information Systems

    Department of Business Information Systems

    At Western Michigan University, both academic and major advising are critical to a student's progress toward graduation. Faculty members offer guidance on any questions regarding the specific majors while academic advisors ensure students fulfill all of the program and degree requirements for their chosen area of study.

    (269) 387-5410

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  • Chemical and Paper Engineering

    Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering

    New developments in the ways trees are grown, and processed, and emerging projects like biofuels and biopolymers are creating opportunities in virtually every area of engineering and science. The paper industry is a key component in many businesses and touches many aspects of our lives. Career options include process engineering, technical services, pollution prevention, research and development, marketing and sales, manufacturing and much more.

    Western Michigan University provides leading-edge opportunities in the applications of nanotechnology, printing and ink development methods, recycling, paper and pulp mill operation, process control and instrumentation, and pollution prevention and environmental engineering. Paid summer internships and co-op programs give you practical hands-on experience.

    (269) 276-3253

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  • Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    Western Michigan University offers a new $28.5-million state-of-the-art building and two tracks of study for undergraduate chemistry majors—a general arts and sciences chemistry major and an American Chemical Society-certified chemistry major.

    WMU's general arts and sciences chemistry program is designed for students who plan to attend graduate school, or who want flexibility to prepare for professional medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy school. If you're undecided about advanced studies, or plan to get a job in the chemical industry as soon as you're done with your undergraduate studies at WMU, we suggest the second track. It is certified by the American Chemical Society and requires students to take several advanced courses to top off their studies. Learn more about the ACS-certified chemistry major.

    As a student in the general arts and sciences chemistry program, it is suggested that you adhere to the following sequence to satisfy your major requirements.

    • First year: general chemistry and calculus.
    • Second year: organic chemistry, multivariate calculus and matrix algebra, and physics.
    • Third year: quantitative analysis and physical chemistry.
    • Fourth year: physical chemistry and chemistry electives from at least two sub-disciplines—analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic or physical.

    Additional courses in statistics and differential equations are also recommended.

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  • Civil and Construction Engineering

    Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

    Western Michigan University prepares its civil engineering students to help plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of everything from roads and bridges to airports and power plants. As a students in this program, you will be able to apply knowledge of traditional mathematics, science and engineering skills to identify and solve engineering problems. Technology is continuously changing this profession, so you will need to commit to lifelong learning to have knowledge of contemporary issues.

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  • Communication

    Department of Communication

    All students in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University must meet regularly with their advisor(s) to ensure they have met all graduation requirements.

    • 309 Sprau Tower, Mail Stop 5318
    • (269) 387-3130

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  • Comparative Religion

    Department of Comparative Religion

    Studying religion is about people and their many perspectives. Western Michigan University's religion program provides an excellent foundation for jobs that require relating to others, reaching out to them, building bridges, or incorporating many perspectives at once.

    If you choose to study religion at WMU, you will learn about the various methods used by scholars to describe and explain religion. You will also learn to assess achievements of these methods and develop new methods for increasing your knowledge of religious thought and practice. Through your coursework, you will develop an understanding of the nature and role of religion in human societies, both past and present, non-Western and Western.

    (269) 387-4393

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  • Computer Science

    Department of Computer Science

    If you decide to major in computer science at Western Michigan University, you will study mathematics and engineering along with computer science courses. You will learn to design and implement programs and software systems using a variety of programming languages on several hardware platforms.

    Graduates of WMU's computer science program have worked as entry-level programmers, systems analysts, testers, designers, maintenance programmers and software engineers. They have worked in both government and industry, in computer centers, as independent consultants, in research and development, and as applications programmers. Our students have gone on to graduate school and earned both masters and doctoral degrees in computer science. Graduates of our computer science programs now work around the globe, and some have started their own companies.

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  • Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

    Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

    Consistent with a student centered research university and a College of Education and Human Development that promotes partnerships in the development and delivery of programs, the mission of the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology is to develop competent, ethical and culturally sensitive counselor education and counseling psychology professionals through graduate education and scholarship.

    (269) 387-5100

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  • Dance

    Department of Dance

    Western Michigan University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance and offers two tracks for undergraduate dance majors. The first leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance and emphasizes performance, choreographic and aesthetic training. It's the right option if you want to dance professionally. If you seek a career in dance, but not necessarily in professional performance, you may opt for the second track. It leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and allows you to explore the diversity of the dance profession by choosing liberal arts electives that reflect your unique goals.

    As a dance student at WMU, you will take courses in ballet, jazz and modern dance, as well as choreography, dance history, instruction and production. If you're on the Bachelor of Arts track, you will also study art, music and theatre. You must audition to be accepted into WMU's dance program.

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  • Economics

    Department of Economics

    If you decide to become a student of the Western Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences' economics program, you will study to become an economist or use your undergraduate degree to help build a strong foundation for a variety of careers including business, law, foreign service, journalism, public administration or teaching, among others.

    To be successful as an economist, you need to apply rational decision-making procedures to complex questions. To do well in this field requires an ability to think analytically.

     (269) 387-5535

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  • Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

    Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

    The Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University offers programs that blend theory and best practices to prepare students for current and future challenges and make them more competitive in the job market.

    (269) 387-3896

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  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Electrical engineering deals with the research, development, design, operation and application of electrical and electronic systems and components. Western Michigan University offers a four-year electrical engineering program that is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

    In the program, you'll learn about electric power, electronics, computers, communications, instrumentation and control systems. Your studies will stress identifying and solving practical problems in electrical engineering. Electrical engineering courses focus on circuits, electronics, energy conversion, digital logic, microcomputers, communications, electromagnetics and automatic control systems. You're introduced to circuits, digital logic and microcomputers during your freshman and sophomore years. Design is emphasized in your senior year.

    (269) 276-3270

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  • Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems

    Department of Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems

    Engineering design technology professionals use computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and computer-aided manufacturing to analyze the overall worth of a potential product and to help in the assembly of a product by graphically documenting its parts.

    Engineering design technology saves companies time and money. Many products that we use today have been designed and tested before manufacturing takes place. At Western Michigan University, you will learn this process on a variety of state-of-the-art CAD systems, and you will practice testing designs for usefulness using a wide variety of analysis systems. The equipment and software our students use directly contribute to developing the technical skills employers desire from graduates in this field.

    (269) 276-3253

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  • English

    Department of English

    Western Michigan University offers a variety of undergraduate English majors, including options in education, creative writing, rhetoric and writing studies, and arts and sciences.

    Arts and sciences is WMU's most traditional English program. It emphasizes British and American literature and the English language. The secondary education program is similar, but provides additional training that will prepare you to teach English and language arts at the middle and high school levels. WMU's creative writing program combines the traditional studies with creative writing workshops at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. If you choose this track, you will write poetry, plays, fiction and creative nonfiction. Our rhetoric and writing studies program combines traditional courses with focused studies in news, feature and professional writing.

    (269) 387-2572

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  • Family and Consumer Sciences

    Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

    The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences provides integrative educational programs and conducts research focused on reciprocal relationships; relationships among individuals, families and their near environments with the goal of improving the quality of life within a dynamic global community.

    (269) 387-3704

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  • Finance and Commercial Law

    Department of Finance and Commercial Law

    Academic and major advising is critical to your progress toward graduation from the Department of Finance and Commercial Law at Western Michigan University. Faculty members offer guidance on any questions you may have regarding your specific areas of interest and your career goals, while academic advisors ensure you fulfill all of the requirements for your chosen area of study. Additionally, advisors in the Zhang Career Center offer extensive career exploration resources.

    (269) 387-5720 

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  • Gender and Women's Studies

    Department of Gender and Women's Studies

    Gender and women's studies students at Western Michigan University receive specialized, one-on-one attention from the department chair, who provides advising for majors, minors and those considering a degree in the field. Whether you are curious about gender and women's studies, or on your way to earning a major or minor, please consider paying a visit to receive advising.

    (269) 387-2510

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  • Geography

    Department of Geography

    Western Michigan University embraces collaboration and leverages resources to offer academic programs that are responsive to the needs of all students and society. Department of Geography and college advisors can help you with academic issues, questions, choosing a major or minor, selecting classes and preparing for graduation.

    (269) 387-3410

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  • Geological and Environmental Sciences

    Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

    The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University is determined to help you meet your academic goals and achieve a successful career. We highly encourage you to meet with your advisors at least once per year to plan your academic schedule. This helps in timely graduation and to tackle any difficulties. We highly value the time and resources invested by our students.

    (269) 387-5486

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  • Hispanic Studies

    Department of Hispanic Studies

    Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States and many important public documents are published in both English and Spanish. The Department of Spanish at Western Michigan University offers Spanish language classes from beginner to expert.

    (269) 387-3001

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  • History

    Department of History

    The Department of History advisors at Western Michigan University work to support and enrich your academic experience by helping with curricular decisions and providing information and guidance on extracurricular options, career paths and post-graduate plans. The office is supervised by Mr. Joshua Koenig, director of undergraduate advising, with help from the undergraduate advising committee members.

    (269) 387-4650

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  • Human Performance and Health Education

    Department of Human Performance and Health Education

    It is the mission of the department to provide coursework and experiences which will allow students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to their employment as professionals within the allied fields of health, physical education or recreation. Students develop skills which allow them to analyze programmatic needs, deliver programs which meet specific needs and self-assess professional effectiveness through reflective practices.

    (269) 387-2710

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  • Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management

    Department of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management

    The Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management Department at Western Michigan University offers undergraduate programs in engineering graphics and design technology, engineering management technology, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering and manufacturing engineering technology. The department also offers master of science degrees in engineering management, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering and operations research. A doctorate is offered in industrial engineering.

    (269) 276-3270

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  • Interdisciplinary Health Programs

    Department of Interdisciplinary Health Programs

    In the School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs at Western Michigan University, we offer bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, minors and certificates to help prepare you for success in a variety of health care and human services careers. Our healthcare services and sciences program has concentrations to prepare you for many of our professional graduate programs. Our public health program will prepare you to focus on primary prevention of population health issues.

    (269) 387-7367

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  • Management

    Department of Management

    Academic and major advising is critical to your progress toward graduation from the Department of Management at Western Michigan University. Faculty members offer guidance on any questions you may have regarding your specific areas of interest and your career goals, while academic advisors ensure you fulfill all of the requirements for your chosen area of study. Additionally, advisors in the Zhang Career Center offer extensive career exploration resources.

    (269) 387-5860

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  • Marketing

    Department of Marketing

    What can you do with a marketing degree from Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business? The possibilities are endless. 

    Vital to any successful organization, marketing will give you a comprehensive understanding of core concepts and applications, preparing you for positions in a range of business-to-business and consumer goods and service companies, as well as nonprofit organizations. 

    We emphasize hands-on learning, which means you will have many opportunities to engage in real-life projects, case studies and internships, which will prepare you for a variety of marketing careers. Elective courses allow students to specialize in brand marketing, digital marketing, marketing research, sports marketing, or international marketing.

    Ninety-five percent of marketing graduates are employed or in graduate school within three months of graduation.

    (269) 387-6130

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  • Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics, located in Everett Tower, is one of the largest and oldest academic departments at Western Michigan University, being among 12 departments listed in the University's first bulletin, published in 1904. Major programs include mathematics, applied mathematics and secondary mathematics education at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels, in addition to numerous minors and general education courses. Our mathematics faculty maintains a strong reputation for scholarship through an impressive level of research and grant activity.

    (269) 387-4510

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  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Mechanical engineers plan and design machines, tools, engines, and other equipment or systems that produce or use power. They use an innovative approach to design products such as instruments, controls, engines and machines as well as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and heat transfer systems.

    They plan and direct fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment in addition to developing methods and procedures for testing products and services. Mechanical engineers direct and coordinate construction and installation activities to ensure conformance with engineering design and customer specifications. They coordinate operation, maintenance and repair activities to get the best use of machines and systems. Mechanical engineers may also evaluate field installations and recommend new designs to eliminate malfunctions.

    (269) 276-3420

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  • Medicine

    School of Medicine

    The Office of Student Affairs provides support and connects students to the services they need to ensure a positive learning experience. The Student Affairs team is available with information and expertise related to academic advising, admissions, career advising and development, educational events and programs, financial aid, learning support and tutoring, personal counseling, student life, student records and transcripts.

    (269) 337-6111

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  • Music

    School of Music

    Western Michigan University's School of Music is dedicated to music as an art form that:

    • Elevates the lives of all who experience it.
    • Embraces and transcends the entire range of human emotion, expression and community.
    • Is vital to the cultural enrichment of society.

    Before you can be admitted to any music program at WMU, you must successfully complete the school's audition and testing program, held each November, January and February.

    (269) 387-4672

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  • Nursing

    Department of Nursing

    Western Michigan University offers two nursing programs—a professional nursing program leading to a B.S.N and an R.N.-to-B.S.N progression track. Both programs integrate knowledge from liberal arts, sciences and the discipline of nursing, and are designed to prepare nurse generalists who comprehend the discipline and the profession of nursing and who are competent to provide, coordinate and evaluate patient care in the multiple social contexts in which health care is delivered.

    (269) 387-8150

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  • Occupational Therapy

    Department of Occupational Therapy

    This master's program is for students who hold a bachelor's degree. It provides solid preparation for entry-level, generalist clinical practice. The 28-month program of full-time study begins in the fall of each academic year and includes:

    • 22 months of academic study for 66 credit hours
    • Six months of field work experience for six credit hours

    Graduates earn a Master of Science degree and are eligible to take the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy examination.

    (269) 387-7260

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  • Philosophy

    Department of Philosophy

    Western Michigan University's philosophy program is considered one of the best in the nation—its graduate program is consistently ranked as one of the top-10 M.A. programs in the world. Its strength is in three particular areas:

    • Epistemology and the philosophy of science
    • Metaphysics and the philosophy of the mind
    • Theoretical and applied ethics

    As a philosophy student at WMU, you will acquire skills for public speaking, debate, critical evaluation and logical reasoning. You will also learn how to develop and present your own theories and arguments. The program is flexible, allowing for independent study as well as coursework from other WMU departments.

    (269) 387-4390

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  • Physical Therapy

    Department of Physical Therapy

    Academic, major and career advising are critical components to your progress toward graduation from the College of Health and Human Services at Western Michigan University. We are here to answer questions, offer guidance and ensure you fulfill all of the requirements for your chosen area of study.

    (269) 387-2656

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  • Physician Assistant

    Department of Physician Assistant

    Information about the application process and prerequisite courses for the PA program are available on this website. Course descriptions are also available.

    (269) 387-5311

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  • Physics

    Department of Physics

    Physics is the study of how nature works, from the unimaginably small world of sub‑atomic particles to the marvelously huge world of galaxies and black holes. It is a basic science that has an important impact on the problems facing modern society. Physicists help attack these problems directly through research and indirectly through teaching, both at the secondary and the university levels.

    Western Michigan University's Department of Physics prides itself on the high quality of its teaching and faculty-student relationships. It is large enough to offer strong, well-rounded programs, yet small enough to promote good communication and interaction between faculty and students. Its diverse research program complements its teaching commitment, and ambitious undergraduate students have many opportunities to participate in research.

    If you would like to study physics at the undergraduate level, WMU has three majors and three minors from which you can choose:

    • Physics major
    • Secondary education physics major
    • Geophysics major
    • Physics minor
    • Secondary education physics minor
    • Astronomy minor

    (269) 387-4940

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  • Political Science

    Department of Political Science

    Western Michigan University offers a standard major and minor in political science as well as concentrations in American public policy, public law, international and comparative politics, and secondary education. These majors may appeal to you if you have a career interest in politics and government, business, education or law.

    (269) 387-5680

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  • Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    If you wish to study psychology, Western Michigan University has a minor and two majors—general psychology and behavioral science—from which you can choose. Our programs are unique in their intensive emphasis on applied learning.

    As a psychology major at WMU, you will study general psychology, behavior analysis and child psychology before moving into theory and methods courses that serve as the foundation to WMU's natural-science approach to psychology. While WMU doesn't offer specialized degrees, you are able to customize the program to fit your interests and goals. Elective courses may be concentrated in one of several areas including, among others:

    • Child psychology
    • Clinical psychology and counseling
    • Organizational psychology
    • Management of health-related behaviors
    • Drug use and abuse

    If you are a high school student interested in psychology, you should pursue a well-balanced academic program that emphasizes writing and mathematical skills, with a broad foundation in the natural and social sciences.

    If you are planning to transfer to WMU from another college or university, you should pursue the above academic areas along with basic psychology courses. Some psychology credits can be transferred to WMU from community colleges and other accredited institutions in partial fulfillment of a major or minor in psychology.

    (269) 387-4500

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  • Public Affairs and Administration

    Department of Public Affairs and Administration

    The undergraduate, M.P.A. and Ph.D. programs are offered on main campus in Kalamazoo. In addition the M.P.A. program is offered in hybrid format at the WMU Grand Rapids-Beltline Regional Location with four weekend meetings per semester. The School of Public Affairs and Administration provides you with access to advising services, computer labs and wireless Internet connectivity at both locations.

    (269) 387-8930

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  • Social Work

    Department of Social Work

    Social work is a broad profession that seeks to help people interact more effectively with one another and with the environment. As our society has become increasingly complex, people in both urban and rural settings are experiencing a corresponding increase in problems related to meeting basic human needs such as employment, adequate income, health care, family relationships and mental health. Social work seeks to identify and correct both the individual and social causes of these problems.

    Western Michigan University's School of Social Work has been preparing leaders in interpersonal practice and policy, planning and administration for more than 30 years. Our undergraduate program provides a generalist social work education encompassing a broad range of helping skills designed to enhance the social functioning of individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations.

    As a student of WMU's School of Social Work, you will learn to critically examine oppressive and discriminatory social constructs, policies, practices, attitudes and assumptions. You will be expected to advocate for social and economic justice and personal well-being for all people.

    WMU's social work programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body for social work education across the country.

    (269) 387-3180

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  • Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    Western Michigan University's sociology program is designed to give students the ability to analyze the world around them, its people and their institutions.

    Professional sociologists concentrate on several diverse areas within the field. Sociologists may focus on one of the social institutions, such as family, religion, medicine, the economy or politics. Some specialize in deviance, disorganization and conflict. Others concentrate on stratification—the formation and influence of various social hierarchies. Specifically, they may examine issues of race, class, gender or age. Still others study population and the environment. WMU's sociology department also has a growing emphasis on analysis of global and cross-cultural issues.

    (269) 387-5286

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  • Special Education and Literacy Studies

    Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies

    Western Michigan University's special and elementary education: learning disabilities and emotional impairments K-12 program, is a five-year program that addresses a critical ongoing shortage of special education teachers nationally as well as locally. The department has the highest job placement rate in teacher education at WMU. Students will have the option to earn a minor in the core content areas.

    (269) 387-2960

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  • Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

    Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

    If you decide to major in speech, language and hearing sciences at Western Michigan University you will be well on your way to working with children and adults in schools or medical  centers providing evaluation and treatment services for children and adults who have speech, language, hearing, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders.

    (269) 387-8045

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  • Statistics

    Department of Statistics

    Statisticians design experiments, analyze data and interpret results. The National Science Foundation estimates that the demand for statisticians will exceed the number of graduates for at least the next 10 years.

    Western Michigan University's statistics program integrates mathematics and statistics coursework while emphasizing computer applications. Graduates apply their knowledge of statistical methods to a variety of subject areas including biology, economics, engineering, medicine, public health, psychology, marketing, education and sports. Many economic, social, political and military decisions cannot be made without statistical techniques, such as the design of experiments to gain federal government approval of a newly manufactured drug.

    If you choose to major in statistics at WMU, you will be strongly encouraged to develop skills in another area. This will provide a field of application for your statistical knowledge and enhance employment prospects.

    WMU also offers a special program combining a minor in industrial engineering with a major in statistics.

    (269) 387-1420

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  • Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

    Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

    Advising for undergraduate programs is through the College of Education and Human Development Office of Admissions and Advising.

    (269) 387-3474

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  • Theatre

    Department of Theatre

    Western Michigan University's theatre studies program combines studies in theatre with broad preparation in the liberal arts. As a student, you will master the fundamentals of acting, directing, history, design and technology. You may use theatre electives to concentrate further in other specific areas of interest.

    This concentration is designed for current WMU theatre students whose academic pursuits require a flexible program of study. You must make application to the department advisor for admission to this concentration following the completion of 36 hours of study, 15 of which must be in theatre.

    (269) 387-6171

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  • World Languages and Literatures

    Department of World Languages and Literatures

    Undergraduate students in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University follow a two-tiered advising system. Please consult your departmental and college advisors regularly to ensure that academic requirements are met.

    (269) 387-3001

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