Master's Graduation Information

The information is intended to guide you in completing your degree requirements. It is not intended to substitute for departmental advising! See your departmental advisor to confirm that you have met all the following requirements and to determine what additional departmental requirements may exist.

Steps towards graduation

  1. A program of study (also known as the Graduate Student Permanent Program) must be filed in the Records/Registrar's Office. Please make sure your department has forwarded the original program and any updates to Mail Stop 5256. Please do not turn your Permanent Program of Study in to the Graduate College. 
  2. Information about the process of applying for graduation may be found on the Registrar's website. Check with your department to see if there is a specific program of study form for your program, if not, a general program of study form can be found on the Graduate College Forms page. 
  3. If writing a master's thesis, file a Thesis Committee Appointment form with the Coordinator of Theses and Dissertations no later than one week after the committee is formed. Committee requirements and form
  4. Apply for graduation by the stated deadline. Earlier submission up to one year before your planned graduation date is strongly encouraged; you may change your graduation date at any point after the audit without paying an additional application fee.
  • April graduation deadline: October 1
  • June  graduation deadline: February 1
  • August graduation deadline: February 1
  • December graduation deadline: February 1
Your assigned graduation auditor will perform an initial audit to verify that all of your degree requirements have been met. You will receive an email approximately 8-10 weeks after your application for graduation has been received by the graduation auditor. Immediately review audit letter for any unmet requirements and take action to complete any unmet requirements:
  • Any incomplete grades must be removed.
  • If not finishing the degree within the 6-year time limit, an extension of time must be sought from the Graduate College extension form.
  • If completing a thesis, it must be successfully defended and submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline for graduation submission deadlines.
  • Must have overall 3.0 GPA to graduate with a master's degree.
  • All graduation requirements must be completed within 30 days after date of commencement.

If graduation requirements are not completed by the deadlines, you must change your graduation date by contacting the Office of Graduation Auditing at (269) 387-4300.