2021 Alumni Achievement Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University is proud to announce the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award winners and to celebrate the outstanding contributions made by these 17 influential alumni. These individuals were recognized at our virtual Alumni Achievement Awards on Friday, Oct. 15.

Departmental Awards

  • Sridhar Chalasani

    Dr. Sridhar Chalasani, MS '94

    DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Director of Clinical Practice, Digestive Health Clinical Practice Council and Chief of the Unified Medical Staff, Bronson Methodist Hospital

  • David Hoogerheide

    Dr. David Hoogerheide, BS '04

    DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY | Research Physicist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Neutron Research

  • Robert VanSumeren

    Robert VanSumeren, BA '09, MA '15

    DEPARTMENT OF COMPARATIVE RELIGION | Corporate Counsel and VP of Compliance, Starr Commonwealth

  • Michael Crimmins

    Dr. Michael Crimmins, MA '98

    DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, AND TOURISM | Professor and Climate Science Extension Specialist, Department of Environmental Science, University of Arizona

  • Lisa Phillips, BS '82, MS '88

    DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | President, Phillips Environmental Consulting Services, Inc.

  • Jamie LeBlanc-Hadley

    Jamie LeBlanc-Hadley, BA '09

    GLOBAL AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES | Economic Officer, U.S. Department of State

  • Dr. LaDale Winling

    Dr. LaDale Winling, BA '02, MA '04

    DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY | Associate Professor of History, Virginia Tech

  • Dr. Cassandra Workman

    Dr. Cassandra Workman, BA '00, MA '04

    INSTITUTE FOR INTERCULTURAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDIES | Assistant professor of Anthropology, University of North Carolina Greensboro

  • Dr. Mary Brown

    Dr. Mary Brown, Ph.D. '05

    MALLINSON INSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION | Former Professor of Introductory Science, Lansing Community College

  • Dr. Min Tang

    Dr. Min Tang, MA '14

    DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY | Teaching Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

  • Dr. Valentina Tobos

    Dr. Valentina Tobos, MA '97, Ph.D. '01

    DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS | Natural Sciences Acting Director, Center of Teaching and Learning, and Associate Professor, Lawrence Technological University

  • WMU logo

    Dr. Amy K. Goodwin, MA '99, Ph.D. '02

    DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY | Research Scientist and Pathology Team Leader, W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.

  • Dr. Martin Hill

    Dr. Martin Hill, BA '86, MA '91, Ph.D. '04

    DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY | President, VIP Research and Evaluation

  • Martha Todd

    Martha Todd, BA '06, MA '08

    DEPARTMENT OF SPANISH | Chair, Board of Directors, Kalsec

Pillar Awards

The Pillar Awards go to our alumni who’s achievements and contributions to their fields and communities have sustained a passion for learning and discovery in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. These alumni have helped others succeed in life and contribute to the betterment of our communities, from local to global. The Pillar Awards represent three areas, globally engaged, discovery driven and learner centered.

  • Dr. Dawit Senbet

    Learner Centered: Dr. Dawit Senbet, MA '04, Ph.D. '07

    DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS | Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, University of Northern Colorado

  • Tristan Brown

    Globally Engaged: Tristan Brown, BS '05

    INSTITUTE OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY | Acting Administrator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

  • Dr. Dustin Hoffman

    Discovery Driven: Dr. Dustin Hoffman, Ph.D. '13

    DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH | Associate Professor of English, Winthrop University