Fast Facts

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University:

Is the largest of the WMU academic colleges

  • Delivers about one half of the total WMU student credit hours.
  • Offers 72 majors and 68 minors.
  • Has 360 tenure-track faculty in 26 departments. Find our faculty in the Pivot national database and in Scholarworks.
  • Has more than 4,000 undergraduates with approximately 55 percent women and 10 percent minorities.
  • Enrolls more than 1,000 graduate students with approximately 50 percent women and 10 percent minorities.
  • Has granted more than 80,000 degrees since 1956.

Creates a challenging and intellectually vital learning community

  • Engages students and faculty alike in a continuing discourse.
  • Provides a focus for being active, informed, productive, creative, open-minded and ethically responsible citizens in a complex, multicultural and rapidly changing world.
  • Has an 11:1 student-faculty ratio.
  • Houses 44 Registered Student Organizations offering multiple opportunities for students to get involved in a variety of areas -- from academics, to service, to hobbies and more.

Cultivates engaged, global citizenship

  • Provides high-quality education in the liberal arts from world-class researchers and teachers—bridging the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.
  • Creates, discovers and disseminates scientific, humanistic and artistic knowledge and expression.
  • Fosters intellectual engagement and continuous discovery and learning.
  • Has 30 faculty-led study abroad trips across six continents.

*Statistical data as of December 2016.