Jennifer Morrow Earns Make a Difference Award

Jennifer MorrowJennifer Morrow, office associate for the departments of Spanish and World Languages and Literatures has been selected as one of four WMU Make a Difference Award recipients. This award is the highest honor WMU bestows upon non-faculty employees for service excellence.

Morrow joined the staff in 2010, initially working for a short time in the Department of Geography. As the main contact person for the departments of Spanish and of World Languages and Literature, she serves some 2,800 enrolled students, scores of faculty and countless members of the public.

Morrow was touted for her professionalism, self-motivation, can-do attitude, and talent for multitasking as well as innovating. In addition, nominators often commented on her outstanding customer service and uncanny ability to handle the demands of two departments with calm efficiency.

"[Jennifer] serves two departments with more than 80 faculty representing over 10 cultures," one administrator wrote. "All of us marvel at the effective way in which [she] tackles jobs and conducts business, changing hats constantly while maintaining her professional demeanor and a smile."

As one faculty colleague put it: "She is knowledgeable, computer-savvy, sharp, witty and able to solve all problems she runs into. When faced with problems that do not seem to have an outcome, she...makes use of her connections and simply goes out of her way to locate or create a solution."

Meanwhile, a former supervisor characterized Morrow as one of the University's best staff members—gracious, patient, intelligent, energetic and efficient. To illustrate her uncompromising customer service, the supervisor noted that Morrow routinely interrupts her tasks and projects to provide special assistance, such as escorting people to rooms they are trying to find or demonstrating how to use office equipment.

"These may seem like small things," the nominator wrote, "but they are what makes for a positive work environment and what gives WMU a positive face to those outside, including potential students, alumni and friends."

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