WMU professors help young adults prepare for college through daily lectures

Three Western Michigan University professors from the College of Arts and Sciences are helping high school students prepare for the advanced placement exams through AP daily lecture videos. Drs. Jonathan Bush, professor of English, Pablo Pastrana-Pérez, associate professor of Spanish, and Eli Rubin, professor of history, conducted lectures this fall 2020 in their respective fields to AP students worldwide. 

“These lectures give teachers another tool for them to help their students grow as scholars,” said Bush.

In response to the pandemic and the changing needs of students and educators, the College Board partnered with college professors from more than 200 universities nationwide, from Cornell to Harvard to WMU, to provide free, online AP Daily videos available to millions of students around the world seeking to challenge themselves with college-level coursework, whether they are learning in-person, remotely or in blended learning environments.

“Millions of high school students have had to transition to all online learning, which is very challenging for many of them,” said Rubin. “What we are hoping to do by recording these lectures for the College Board is to make this process – learning AP material virtually – more engaging and closer to what a real college class will be like.”

The AP Daily videos also feature more than 300 of the world’s top Advanced Placement teacher, and covered every topic and skill that will appear on AP Exams.

For the first time ever, if an AP student misses a day of class, falls behind, or is simply struggling with a particular topic, that student can get free help anytime, anywhere. Practice questions accompany each video, giving each AP student personalized feedback so they can stay on track to earn college credit.

“To have such talented professors contributing as AP Daily lecturers is truly a benefit to the students and the entire educational community. As subject matter experts, Professors Bush, Pastrana and Rubin have shared their depth and breadth of knowledge with high school students who are up for the challenge,” said Trevor Packer, Senior Vice President AP and Instruction, College Board.  “We are thrilled to partner with WMU to help prepare these students for the opportunities provided by higher education.” 

About the college board

Founded in 1900, the College Board was created to expand access to higher education. Today, the membership association is made up of over 6,000 of the world’s leading educational institutions and is dedicated to promoting excellence and equity in education.

Each year, the College Board helps more than seven million students prepare for a successful transition to college through programs and services in college readiness and college success — including the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program. The organization also serves the education community through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators and schools.