College of Arts and Sciences Retention Scholarship

Surprise Scholarship Benefits Nearly 100 Students

Student who received a retention scholarship through the College of Arts and Sciences holds up a fake check for $4,000; the amount given to each student.On a hot day in mid-July, Taylor Coleman got an unexpected call that instantly changed the way she planned to fund her fall semester at Western. The voice on the other end of the line informed her she was one of 95 undergraduate students to receive a $4,000 College of Arts and Sciences Retention Scholarship.

“I cried after I got the call. I thought, ‘This is so awesome,’” the organizational communication major says. “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can focus on my future and staying on the Dean’s List during my last year at Western.”

Scholarship support is a game changer for thousands of students like Coleman, which is why building that capacity is an ongoing priority for the College of Arts and Sciences. This year, the college deans, together with academic department chairs and directors, made important financial decisions that allowed the college to designate significant funds to undergraduate scholarships.

“I am delighted that we were able to provide nearly 100 deserving students with retention scholarships,” says Dean Carla Koretsky. “It is my hope that this decision will help increase the college’s enrollment and retention rate, but more importantly, that it will help these students complete their degrees and achieve their dreams.”

Arts and Sciences students who received the award were selected based on their grade point average and good academic standing, senior status and financial need. No application process was required, meaning the recipients were pleasantly surprised to learn they would be receiving extra support for their education.

Bryan Bremiller poses for a picture as a retention scholarship recipient“I was really happy about receiving this scholarship,” says Bryan Bremiller, an applied mathematics major. Bremiller, who plans to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees after graduation, is a teaching assistant and learning assistant for WMU, and also works two jobs to support his education. “I won’t have to take out another loan this semester, which is a huge help,” he says.

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