University Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 122 credits
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA (some majors/minors have a higher requirement)
  • Minimum 30 credits from WMU
  • Minimum 10 of last 30 from WMU
  • Minimum 60 credit hours from a 4 year institution

In addition:

  • A major and a minor are required in order to graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences. (Exceptions: Community and regional planning, global and international studies, public history, and double majors).
  • Students electing a second major outside the College of Arts and Sciences will graduate from that college and will need to contact that college's Office of Advising for specific graduation requirements.
  • Normally, students will need to see three advisors during their course of study:
  • The 122 college-level credits needed to graduate will consist of LEC/General Education requirements, a major, a minor and any electives needed to reach the minimum 122 credit total. Note that developmental skills courses (ENGL 1000, LS 1040 and MATH 1090) are in addition to the minimum 122 credit total.
  • Students are encouraged to have double majors or additional minors. See a curriculum advisor.
  • Keep in mind the potentially helpful WMU repeat course policy, which states that only the most recent grade for a repeated course will be used in calculating GPA. The previous credits and honor points (if any) for the repeated course will be dropped from the GPA (though the original grade will still appear on the transcript).
  • Repeat WMU courses only at WMU. Credits earned at another institution will be transferred, but grades will not.
  • Remember that a repeated course will only count once toward the 122 minimum credits to graduate, even if it is passed both times. Some exceptions apply such as practicums, special topics or writing workshops. See your major advisor for details.
  • Remember to apply for graduation one year prior to the anticipated graduation date in the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Advising. Signed major and minor slips will be required at that time.

Transferring coursework to WMU

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