Bronco Study Zone

In alignment with courses being offered through distance education for the remainder of the semester, Bronco Study Zone services will be offered from a distance as our staff works remotely during this time. You will be able to receive access to tutoring and academic support through Microsoft Teams. See the information below for instructions about connecting to online tutoring.

For more information about your tutoring options, you may call our office at (269) 387-4252.

You may also email the Bronco Study Zone staff:

Info for students who need tutoring

Bronco Study Zone, Math Tutor Lab, Statistics Help Room, Physics Help Room, and STEP Student Success Centers are all using the Academic Support Hub to provide Fall 2020 Tutoring:

Follow the steps below to log in and find the WMU Academic Support Hub in Teams.

General Procedure

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams
    1. In your web browser (Google Chrome recommended), go to and log in - use and password. (It's important to include "" after your Bronco NetID at this login.)
    2. Click on Teams app logo (it's blue-ish-purple) and Teams will open in a new browser tab.
    3. Click the gold button below to go to the WMU Academic Support Hub team. When you see the "Stay better connected..." message in your browser, click Use the web app instead. Click Join Now.

      Microsoft Teamsconnect to online tutoring
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “start a new conversation”.
  3. Type your name and class you need tutoring on, like this: "I’m Buster B. I need help with CHEM 1100."
  4. Tutors will be monitoring this section and will respond to each student.
  5. Tutors will open a video chat with the student. When you receive the video chat notification, click Join Chat.
  6. Other students may be able to join this chat (at the tutor's discretion) if they need help with the same subject.
  7. During the video chat, you can hover over the icons in the middle of the page to unmute your microphone and turn on your camera. There are three dots where you can change your settings if you have problems hearing or issues with your camera.

FALL 2020 hours

FALL 2020 schedule

Resources and benefits

The Bronco Study Zone offers an array of resources through a one-stop model to support students and just the right amount of structure to help keep them on track. If the Bronco Study Zone is unable to meet a requested need, students are referred to the appropriate campus resource.

Support services offered to you from the Bronco Study Zone

  • Free drop-in assistance for highly challenging courses.
  • Group collaboration on course assignments.
  • Assistance with coping with test anxiety, effective note taking, time management and test taking strategies among others.

Contact us

For more information about the Bronco Study Zone, or for general information and questions about the Bronco Study Zone, contact Kelsey Harness and like us on Facebook!