Interdisciplinary Education

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University recognizes that many of today’s problems are most effectively addressed by using flexible methodologies and a full range of conceptual tools. In order to better prepare students and faculty to understand and respond to challenges and opportunities that are increasingly multi-faceted, complex and quickly evolving, the college encourages pulling together more than one branch of knowledge in many forms.

While continuing to celebrate the value and integrity of its traditional disciplines, the college also fosters informal and formal collaborations among faculty across these boundaries.

For students, the college offers degree programs based on coherently organized perspectives and skill sets, providing developmental trajectories that are intellectually rigorous and experientially rich. Students might choose to tailor their major to pursue careers in specific global areas such as:

  • Arabic or East Asian studies
  • Combining courses in foreign language, geography and literature

The college’s support of visiting interdisciplinary speakers and special events, presents further challenges to newly utilize and transcend traditional ways of investigating, engaging and creating.


Interdisciplinary programs
Student-planned major (provides an individualized program of study)

Interdisciplinary Engagement Award

College of Arts and Sciences faculty members may submit proposals seeking funds to support activities that promote and support interdisciplinary engagement.