Western Herald Archive

  • Collage of front pages of the Western Herald newspaper.

Now made digital and searchable online by WMU Libraries. The Western Herald is the longest continuous publication on Western’s campus. The digitized Western Herald Archive includes a nearly complete run of the newspaper from 1916 to 2009. The digitization was completed by scanning approximately 10,000 pages of microfilmed copies of the newspaper.  Missing issues will be scanned and included in the project as availability of issues and funds permit.

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Screenshot of 1978 edition of the Western Herald newspaper.

More Information about the Western Herald Newspaper
The Western Herald newspaper is the longest continuous publication on Western’s campus.  It began in 1916 with a focus on students and the campus community, although there are frequent stories referencing national and even international news. It was not always a student operated newspaper.  In 1920, students were allowed to proof read the newspaper.  In 1938 complete control was turned over to students and it has been a student-run publication since that time.  A Board of Directors was established in 1976 to oversee policies and procedures.

The name, appearance, and publication schedule has changed over time.  The newspaper was originally known as the Western Normal Herald.  The name was changed in 1927 to Teacher’s College Herald. The title was Western Michigan Herald from 1941 - 1945. It has been known as the Western Herald since 1945. Name changes reflect the different names of Western Michigan University since 1916.  The number of issues have ranged from one a week in the beginning to four a week in the 1990s. Although it is not evident in the digitized edition, the size of the newspaper changed from a tabloid (11 x 17) to a full sized newspaper.

The Western Herald is available from 2009 in another WMU database Newsbank, which is available online to on campus visitors and current, students, faculty, staff and WMU retirees.  Access Newsbank from the University Libraries A-Z Databases listing at http://libguides.wmich.edu/az.php?a=n

Physical copies of the Herald are held in the WMU Archives and Regional History Collections at the Zhang Legacy Collections Center. For more information call (269) 387-8490 or visit WMU Archives   (branch library)