Records Management

WMU Archives record management

The Archives collects historical and permanently valuable records, as defined through the University's retention and disposal schedule. The retention and disposal schedule is a guideline for determining which records must be retained permanently.

If in doubt about which records to send to the Archives, contact the Director or Archives Curator. Contact Freight, Postal, and Delivery about the physical transfer of records to the Archives.

Guidelines and forms

Retention and disposal schedule

Item Description Normal Period of Retention Referral (destination)
Minutes: Of staff meetings, committees or other groups functioning for the office. 3 years Archives
Correspondence. 3 years Archives
Reports, Annual Reports, or reports prepared on department activities. 3 years Archives
Policies, Procedures, Regulations: Official that concern office operations. 3 years after expiration Archives
Publications, Catalogs, Bulletins While useful Archives
Budget Material: Office copies of records prepared for the budget, such as Budget Allotment Summary, Personal Service Lists, Budget Request Data, and correspondence and information relative to budget adjustments. Audit *Destroy
Cash Receipts: Copies of cash receipts, cash reports, payable vouchers, data processing runs. Audit *Destroy
Telegraph and Telephone: Billing and payment records (including those in special grants), records of long distance calls, etc. Audit *Destroy
Payroll: Attendance Record, Time Reports, Time Sheets, etc. Audit *Destroy
Maintenance: Requisitions and Delivery Reports for office equipment, supplies, etc. Audit *Destroy
Personnel Records: Files kept on department personnel for the convenience of the office, but not an official personnel file. While useful Notify Archivist for review
Student files: (Student academic file) 5 years after last activity *Destroy
Photographs, recordings, programs, etc., prepared in the course of official social functions or official activities While useful Archives
Brochures, Books, Periodicals, Newsletters (any official publication of the University) Two copies of all publications are to be sent to Archives at the time of first issue. It is the responsibility of the office to see that this is done.