Music and Dance Collections

These collections in Waldo Library contain materials to support the study and research of music and dance. For music, the collections emphasize the art (or “classical”) traditions of Western Europe and the United States, American jazz and musical theatre, and music of non-European origin, primarily of Africa and Asia. Native American, folk, rock and other popular genres are also represented. For dance, the collections cover mostly ballet, modern and jazz.

Print collection

Open music score.Our music and dance print collection consists of books on music and dance, music scores, periodicals and reference materials. You can check out most books and scores. Some items have restrictions.


Music CDs on shelves.Audio recordings

From the accordion to the zither, we provide access to audio recordings of almost every instrument and type of music. Most CDs and LPs can be checked out. Some items have restrictions.

You can also search for a recording and listen to it online.

Shelves of DVD at Music and Dance Library.Video recordings

Our video collection includes everything from live concerts to artist interviews to dance performances. Most video cassettes and DVDs can be checked out. Some items have restrictions.

You can also search for a video and watch it online.

Program flier from Collegiate Singers performance on April 9, 1988.WMU music performances

This collection contains live recordings and printed programs of concerts and recitals from the Western Michigan University School of Music. It features primarily graduate recitals and concerts by student ensembles from the 1970s to 2000. Concert programs are available for public viewing, but recordings are restricted to on-campus use only.