Study Room Policy

Group, individual and web conference study rooms may be requested by WMU students for academic activities. WMU identification is required to access a group study room. The person who made the reservation must be present.

Advance reservations are encouraged but not required if rooms are open and otherwise unreserved. Rooms are available to book up to two weeks in advance.

Library staff may cancel a reservation if the person reserving the room does not show up within 15 minutes after the reservation start time. After 15 minutes, the room will be made available to others. 

At Waldo Library, the person who checks out the room key is responsible for returning the key. Lost keys will incur a $42 charge to the responsible party’s university account to cover the cost of replacing the lock core and key. 

Those using the study rooms are to properly dispose of garbage and remove all personal belongings when they leave the room and they should notify the service desk if any part of the room is damaged or unclean when they arrive so that we can contact the appropriate custodial or maintenance staff right away. No items may be put on or in front of the windows in any of the study rooms.

Anyone violating this policy may be asked to leave the study rooms.

All study room loan periods will be determined by the User Services Librarian in consultation with User Services staff. Any changes in loan periods will be reported to Libraries Council.

Group study rooms

Seven group study rooms are available for groups of two or more people. Service desk staff will determine if any additional time may be given.

Groups should keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing others. Group study rooms are not soundproof. Group study room occupants also should minimize noise so that they can listen for and comply with any public address announcements.

Group study rooms must be cleared out and keys returned to the service desk no less than one (1) hour before the library closes.

Individual study rooms

There are 23 individual study rooms.

Individual study rooms are located in a quiet area of the library and are open at the top of the walls. Quiet, individual study is expected in these rooms.

Only one person is allowed in individual study rooms.

Individual study rooms must be cleared out and keys returned to the service desk no less than one (1) hour before the library closes.

Web conference rooms

Six web conference rooms are available for one to four people. Rooms are intended for those needing space for online interviews, online/hybrid classes, or small group meetings.

Rooms are equipped with monitors and webcams. Technical support may be limited after 5 p.m. on weekdays and during all weekend hours.

Web conference rooms must be cleared out and keys returned to the service desk no less than one (1) hour before the library closes.

Effective date of current versionDecember 18, 2023
Date first adoptedDecember 8, 2017
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August 25, 2021 - updated
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