A photo of Dr. Carla Koretsky.

Arts and Sciences dean named a distinguished woman in higher education

The Michigan American Council on Education Network has recognized Dr. Carla Koretsky, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as a distinguished woman in higher education leadership. This annual award is given to those who have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding leadership to women in their institutions, in their profession and in society at large.

An animation of various people wearing protective face coverings.

Unmasking the stigma surrounding face coverings

Drs. Fritz Allhoff and Wayne Fuqua discuss the reasons mask-wearing messages related to COVID-19 have been met with pushback in the United States and what it might take for more people to choose to wear face coverings.

Eyes peer through a peeled back sheet of paper.

Taboo topics course uses dialogue to break through barriers

Designed and taught by Dr. Mark Orbe, Taboo Topics relies on dialogic learning—discussion-based study—to address sensitive subjects that are typically off-limits to speak about in North American culture. Therefore, matters pertaining to race, death, sex, religion, and other subjects are the foci.