Guidelines for Sending Records to WMU Archives

 Determine which office records are no longer needed for current operations.

  1. Determine if the files are in order and are properly identified. Do not remove records from the original folders.
  2. Place the files in sturdy boxes with covers, (We suggest records storage boxes.) in the order in which they have been arranged in the office. Number all cartons in sequential order. For example, 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc. Write the name of the office of origin on the cartons.
  3. Prepare an inventory for the contents of the boxes by listing the labels on the individual files. Place a copy in box number one. Retain a copy for your files.
  4. Prepare a Records Transfer/Disposal Request form with a description of the enclosed records and inclusive dates. Place the original in box number one. Retain a copy for your files. Records Transfer/Disposal Request Form
  5. Contact John Winchell, the Archives Curator, before sending records to Archives at (269) 387-8485,
  6. Initiate a Service Request to Receiving, Freight and Delivery via 387-8811 to have the records transferred to Archives. Smaller quantities may be hand-delivered if preferred.