• Cell phone sitting on top of an open notebook next to an open laptop. Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash.

    Switch to OER

    Now is the time to consider adopting OER in place of traditional textbooks.

    3 Reasons Why

Open educational resources (OER) are educational materials that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license. This permits them to be freely used, changed and shared with others. OER includes everything from images and videos to textbooks and course curriculums.

Why choose OER

Did you know that 65% of students nation-wide have not purchased a textbook because of cost? OER provides a low or no-cost option. It also gives you a way to:

  • Improve student success
  • Customize course materials
  • Control the quality of your course materials
  • Showcase innovation and talent
Video of Why OER?

Video by The Council of Chief State School Officers. Video: CC BY 4.0. Music: The Zeppelin by Blue Dot Sessions: CC BY NC 4.0.

How to get started with OER

Interested in open education resources? Learn about available OERs and how you can use them at one of our workshops. Or, contact us to help you get started.

Where to find OER

Many resources exist that can help you find, adapt and create OER. Explore materials available through various open education sources using our resources list.

How to adapt OER

There are a number of ways you can tailor OER materials to meet your needs. You can customize content for your curriculum (revise) or combine it with other original content (remix). Let us help you start adapting OER.