World Class BRONCO

  • Image of what the World Class Bronco award looks like
  • Alex with his Bronco Star award at the 2018 Student Recreation Banquet

The World Class BRONCO program recognizes those student employees that go above and beyond and have a continuous dedication to becoming a world class employee while employed by University Recreation at Western Michigan University. The program focuses on key areas that employers are looking for in their future employees:

  • Be positive and proud.
  • Responsible and reliable.
  • Ongoing customer service.
  • Noticeable actions.
  • Continuous teamwork.
  • Outstanding communication.

Employees are awarded stars based on their continuous performance in these areas. As they accumulate stars, the employee receives different levels of recognition.

World Class BRONCO six-star award winners

Spring 2016

  • Matt Massey
  • Sarah Smeets

Fall 2015

  • Jess Bacher

Spring 2015

  • Tom Cseter
  • Tyler Hayden

Fall 2014

  • Jasmine Clark
  • Garrett Freed
  • Alex Wissler

Spring 2014

  • Miranda Hill
  • Caleigh Lowing
  • Cody Potter

Fall 2013

  • Brittany Jansen
  • Julian Meade

Spring 2013

  • Bryce Bowers
  • Katie Davidson

Fall 2012

  • Eric Wilkins

Spring 2012

  • Heather Jenkins
  • Meghan Morin