Pools and Sauna


Student Recreation Center pool

The recreational leisure pool at Western Michigan University's Student Recreation Center is 3.5 feet deep and held at a temperature of 86 degrees. It is available for rentals, classes and open recreation. Our open recreation times feature the ability to have fun, short lap swim or simply relax in our swirlpool.

SRC Pool and sauna hours



Proper swim attire is required for all users of the SRC pool. This is required to ensure the safety of our patrons, cleanliness of our facility, clarity of our water and proper upkeep of our mechanical systems.  Clothing worn during exercise or prior to showering introduces additional organic compounds to the pool that will react with the chlorine, producing the chemicals that result in the chlorine smell of a pool (chloramines). These are not only unpleasant to the senses; they can also have an effect on the eyes and respiratory system. Non-swim attire also absorbs additional bacteria, detergent and chemicals which are released into the water and can effect water chemistry and clarity. Non-swim attire often breaks down in the water leaving behind particles of clothing that can clog and damage our filtration systems for the pool. Non-swim attire in the saunas also introduces additional bacteria to the surface of these areas which contributes to the spread of disease and germs. To keep our facility clean and our patrons safe, we ask that all patrons wear proper swim attire and shower before entering our pool and saunas.

SRC Swim Attire Policy

Proper Swim Attire

Proper swim attire is required at the SRC pool. This includes: pool, spa, sauna and steam room. If you have any questions regarding what is or is not considered proper swim attire, please consult the website or seek the assistance of an aquatics staff member.


One and two piece swimsuits: made out of a material that is designed for use in the water. Speedos and Jammers, and other tight fitting swimwear designed for swimming; designed for competition use.

Wet suits: made from material designed for use in chlorinated water. 

Board shorts: must be shorts with a tie or drawstring that are made out of a material that is designed for use in the water.  

Rash guards: designed for use in water and made of material suitable for use in water.

Swim diaper: swim diapers or diapers with tight fitting plastic pants must be worn by those not well potty trained or under the age of four years old. 

Religious swimwear: must be designed for use in water.


Not Allowed

Athletic shorts: including any kind of basketball, soccer, volleyball, yoga, running or jogging shorts.

Athletic shirts: including jerseys, Under Armour® and other tight fitting athletic shirts. Denim clothing: including shorts, jeans, pedal shorts, capris, cut offs and jackets.

Dresses and cover ups: including sun dresses, summer dresses, sarongs, skirts and other clothing not manufactured as “Swim Dress.”

Cotton shirts: including t-shirts, graphic tees, polo shirts, button ups, tie-dye shirts, tank tops, camisoles and undershirts. Under garments: may not be worn in the pool. This includes boxers, briefs, bras, sports bras and clothing that are considered compression shorts which are not designed for swimming.

Diapers: regular disposable or cloth diapers which are not designed for swimming. 

The SRC Staff reserves the right to enforce the Swim Attire Policy if articles of clothing are considered inappropriate or offensive. All attire must be designed for use in water. These lists are not all-inclusive.


This is a dry sauna only. Please do not add water to any parts. The sauna temperature is kept between 170 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Sauna is only open during pool hours.
  • Due to high temperatures, the sauna can be dangerous to your health. Individuals with the following conditions are at risk and should consult their physician before entering:
    • High blood pressure
    • Heart disease
    • Respiratory problems
    • Pregnancy
  • Do not exceed 25 minutes in the sauna at recommended temperature.
  • Allow yourself at least five minutes after exercising to cool down before entering.
  • No food or drink allowed inside, but drink plenty of water before and after sauna visits to replace fluid loss.
  • Please shower before entering the pool and sauna.
  • Please use a towel or mat inside the sauna to prevent moisture from absorbing into the wood.
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the saunas.
  • Swimsuits must be worn in the pool and sauna.