The Student Recreation Center at Western Michigan University offers memberships to faculty, staff, students and other affiliates. The Student Recreation Center is a student-funded facility and is not open to the community. Memberships are available on a semester (fall or spring) and session (summer I or summer II) basis. Facility tours are available during all building hours by stopping at the service desk or main office.

Currently enrolled undergraduate students

Beginning in Fall 2021, access to the SRC for undergraduate students will be included in the semester/session tuition unless you are enrolled in an exclusively online program. If you do not have access, your access can be activated at the current SRC membership rate.

Currently Enrolled graduate students

Access to the SRC for graduate students is determined by enrollment fees paid for the semester/session. Enrollment fees are charged to any graduate student enrolled in any main campus program based on the number of credit hours that you are taking that semester. If you are not charged an enrollment fee for the semester/session, then you can activate your SRC access at the current SRC membership rate.


Membership categories


WMU affiliates may purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center. Fees are not pro-rated and are as follows:

Fall or spring $90
Summer I or II $45

Membership forms

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff Emeriti and retiree

Payment and billing

Payment for memberships must be made by cash, check or credit card during membership services office hours (typically 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday). Exempt students—those that are enrolled in classes, but not charged the enrollment fee—are the only patrons allowed to bill to their University account.

Refund policy

Student Recreation Center members may apply for a full refund prior to the start of any semester or session. After the first day of any semester or session, a refund cannot be issued for any reason. Faculty and staff that take advantage of the taxable option are not eligible for a refund for any reason. Students that are charged the enrollment fee are not eligible for a refund.


For questions regarding memberships, please contact Mike Berdowski at (269) 387-3115.