Mission, Vision & Goals

University Recreation at Western Michigan University is a unit within the Division of Student Affairs. The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to foster involvement, growth and development in safe, healthy and inclusive learning environments.


Cultivate transferable skills through recreational programs and facilities that prepare the University community for a positive, healthy, active life.


Lead WMU in the cultivation of a healthy campus focused on well-being, while serving as a key contributor to student success

Learning Outcomes

All programs within the department focus on the following learning outcomes with their participants and employees:

  • Participants will understand the relationship between physical health, personal, and academic success.
  • Students will gain skills and behaviors that enable them to be successful in future professional positions.
  • Staff will make data informed decisions.


  • Empower campus to be healthy and active.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop transferable skills.
  • Maintain and enhance recreational facilities and infrastructure.



We believe in creating a service focused community that builds relationships and partnerships.

Diversity & Inclusion

We provide a fun, safe environment for the entire WMU community where we strive to make sure that every student, employee and patron feels welcome and sees a reflection of themselves. We create programs and services that embrace the diversity of campus and encourage interaction.

Growth & Development

We create environments for students, employees and patrons that provide opportunities for skill development outside the classroom, stimulate success and spark new ideas.


We make decisions based on our responsibility to provide programs and services to the WMU community that evolve and are reflective of their needs. We identify opportunities to enhance the experience of each member of the WMU community that utilizes our programs and services.


We are dedicated to the responsible planning and management of resources.


We empower the WMU community to make decisions that improve resiliency and all aspects of their overall health. It is our belief that exercise is one of the best medicines on campus for maintaining overall physical, mental and emotional health.