Personal Training

Personal training is one-on-one instruction that incorporates a fitness assessment, goal setting and health education into challenging workouts designed for your individual needs. A trainer is available for instruction on proper workout techniques and on a variety of exercises (both strength training and cardiovascular), while at the same time motivating the client to reach personal fitness goals.

The personal training program offered at Western Michigan University's Student Recreation Center is designed to assist students, faculty and staff in reaching their fitness goals. A variety of times and packages are available to meet your needs. You have the option of training individually or with a partner. You will be paired with a trained fitness specialist who will motivate and educate you on the most effective ways to train to reach your goals. All clients will receive an initial assessment paperwork, detailed session workouts and free post-testing assessment with purchases of 6 or 12 session packages.

Free Cardio and Weight Room Orientation 

Free for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. This orientation is not considered a personal training session.

Build a healthy body and strong mind. Our fitness team will help you navigate our facility through a one-hour orientation session. Learn how to properly use cardio, resistance, and flexibility equipment. Discover other program options to support your health and well-being.


Maddy Mularski
Navigation Specialist-Fitness/Wellness
(269) 387-3683

Get started with a welcome package

Individuals that want to get started with personal training must purchase a welcome package first. The welcome package consists of three one-hour sessions and includes a fitness consultation, assessment, equipment orientation, program design and two workout sessions. All clients must complete a welcome package before purchasing additional sessions.

Welcome package pricing

  • WMU students, faculty, staff and members with SRC access - $95
  • WMU students, faculty, staff and members without SRC access - $119

Purchase additional training sessions

Once you complete your welcome package, you will have the option to purchase additional personal training sessions. Clients that purchase a 6 or 12 session packages will receive a free post testing assessment at the conclusion of their package.

PackageWMU students, faculty,
staff, and members
with SRC access
WMU students, faculty,
staff, and members
without SRC access
2 sessions$70$86
3 sessions$100$124
6 sessions$180$228
12 sessions$330N/A

Group training

The SRC also offers group training packages for WMU students, faculty, staff and members that would like to train with one other individual. Like individual training, you must purchase a group training welcome package prior to purchasing additional sessions. Group training is limited to two individuals.

Welcome package$145 ($72.50 per person)
2 sessions$105 ($52.50 per person)
3 sessions$150 ($75 per person)
6 sessions$275 ($137.50 per person)

**Clients that purchase 6 or 12 session packages will receive a free post testing assessment at the conclusion of their package.

Personal training by persons other than qualified Student Recreation Center staff is strictly prohibited.

Fitness assessments

Fitness assessments are performed by a certified personal trainer and include heart rate, blood pressure, bio-electrical impedance (body mass index, % body fat, % lean mass, visceral fat and body age), skin fold measurements; ideal body weight calculations, and fitness testing for flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular.

  • WMU students, faculty, staff and members with SRC access - $30
  • WMU students, faculty, staff and members without SRC access - $38

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Client Testimonies

“Having a personal trainer has helped me get motivated again to stay healthy and in shape. Since retiring, and Covid, it has been difficult for me to exercise alone. Scheduled appointments keep me accountable, and Antonia pushes me to do more than I would on my own. She makes it fun!”—Teresa

Amidst the pandemic I was searching for a way to keep in shape. Once the Rec Center at WMU opened I knew this was the opportunity I was looking for. The only thing holding me back was the lack of knowledge of my body and how to push it to its limits. I immediately reached out to the staff at the Rec Center to find a personal trainer who could help me. I really enjoyed my experience here with Maddy, not only with the expertise and advice I was given to help me achieve my goals, but also the personal attention I received. All for an amazing price!”­—John