Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is one-on-one instruction that incorporates a fitness assessment, goal setting, fitness skill & technique and health education into challenging workouts designed for your individual needs.

How do I purchase a Personal Training session?

To purchase a personal training session please see the cashier at the SRC Service Desk. You will fill out a information form and pay for your session(s). The forms will then be given to the Assistant Director-Fitness/Wellness and you will receive a call within 24 hours to schedule your training session(s).

Do I get to select my Personal Trainer?

In order to best match a client with a personal trainer we conduct client phone interviews with all new clients. This allows the Graduate Assistant-Fitness to match you with the personal trainer best suited to help you reach your goal. At this time you can also indicate if you have a preference for a male or female personal trainer.

When will I hear from a Personal Trainer?

After conducting the client phone interview the Graduate Assistant-Fitness will match the client to a personal trainer. The personal trainer will receive all the client contact information and will make contact within 24 hours following your phone interview. Should you not hear from a personal trainer please call us at 387-3543.

What occurs during my first Personal Training session?

Your first Personal Training session is called the Welcome Package and includes the following: pre-assessment consultation, fitness assessment, program design, equipment orientation and first workout. Your personal trainer will dedicate time for goal setting and will create specific workouts to meet your needs.

For additional information please contact Program Assistant for Personal Training, Garrett Freed at (269) 387-3543 or email,