Climbing Wall

  • Climbing Competition Winners celebrating in front of the climbing wall
  • Participants using the Climbing Wall
  • Participants using the climbing wall
  • Rock climbing picture

The climbing wall at the Student Recreation Center at Western Michigan University is 45 feet tall and offers three levels of difficulty. In addition to offering an anaerobic and aerobic workout, rock climbing exercises almost every muscle group. Rock climbing two or more times a week improves your strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and mental toughness.


Our climbing clinics are used to certify individuals in the safety techniques for our 45-foot climbing wall. Clinics are given to those individuals who want either the unlimited climb pass. Clinics are given during normal wall hours. After successfully completing our clinic, climbers are allowed to belay other certified individuals only. Individuals who want to climb the wall without taking a clinic may do so by purchasing a single climb pass.


Single climb $1

With the single climb pass, climbers can climb as much as they want during one visit. Climbers must present their climbing receipt to the climbing staff and fill out our climbing waiver. Climbers will be belayed by our climbing staff only.

Unlimited climb pass $25

With the unlimited climb pass, climbers can climb for the entire academic year. Climbers must present their climbing pass to the climbing staff at each visit. Our climbing clinic is included in the price and is required in order to belay other members.

Fall and spring hours

Monday and Wednesday 
6 to 10 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday
7 to 10 p.m.

VIP Bronco program

As part of the VIP Bronco program, residence hall students may climb for free on Monday and Wednesday nights. Simply bring your Bronco Card to the wall on those nights to climb. If you are interested in coordinating a large group of students from your residence hall to come on a specific night, please contact Mike Berdowski to schedule.

Climbers must use rec center climbing equipment but may bring their own climbing shoes.