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Become a Student Recreation Center member

Access is everything at the SRC. Learn about our membership options and your eligibility.

Student Recreation Center Memberships

The Student Recreation Center offers memberships to faculty, staff, students and other affiliates. We are a student-funded facility and not open to the wider community. Memberships are available on a semester (fall or spring) and session (summer I or summer II) basis. Facility tours are available during all building hours by stopping at the service desk or main office.

Currently enrolled undergraduate students pay for access through their tuition. For most other student types, you can activate your membership for $90 per semester for fall and spring and $45 per session for summer I and II.

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    Undergraduate student membership

    Access to the SRC for currently enrolled undergraduate students is included in semester or session tuition.

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    Graduate student membership

    Access to the SRC for graduate students is determined by enrollment fees paid for the semester or session. If you're not charged an enrollment fee for the semester or session, then you can activate your access at the current membership rate.

  • Unenrolled student membership

    Students not enrolled in classes for the current semester can purchase SRC access at the current semester or session rate. Unenrolled students who have not graduated are eligible to purchase a membership up to one year after their last semester or session of enrollment.

  • Faculty and staff

    Access to the Student Recreation Center for benefits-eligible faculty and non-bargaining staff is part of the benefits package. Members in this category activate their yearly membership at the Student Recreation Center and only pay taxes on $270.

    Non-benefits-eligible faculty and staff can purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center at the current semester or session rates. Please contact the assistant director for operations and member services.

  • Emeriti and retirees
  • Alumni

    In order to qualify for an alumni membership, you must have a received a degree from Western Michigan University.

  • WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine students and employees

    Students of the WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine are eligible for membership at the current rates. Memberships must be activated through the student affairs office at the School of Medicine and are subject to current membership rates.

    Employees of the School of Medicine are eligible for membership at the current rate by showing their WMed ID card.

  • Donors

    Individuals that personally donate $1,000 or more to Western Michigan University are eligible for membership by paying the current rate. Spouses are not eligible for membership.

  • Spouses

    A spouse of any WMU affiliate category, except donors and retirees, are eligible for membership at the current semester or session rates. Please supply a copy of your marriage certificate for verification purposes.

Stay connected through our online portal

Our new online portal allows members to stay up to date with what is happening at the Student Recreation Center, register for programs and classes, track your usage and more!

For WMU students, faculty and staff, here is how you log in:

  • Navigate to the online portal website.
  • Click Login with SSO. Do not use any other link or login option on the page.
  • Click SSO Login button.
  • Log in with your Bronco NetID and password. If prompted, you will need to use the DUO two-factor authentication.

For all other SRC members, click the button below to learn how to gain online access.

The Student Recreation Center is for the whole family

Members are welcome to bring their families and dependents to the SRC during any of our operational hours. Children 15 years and under may enter the facility for no charge, but children 16 years and over or spouses/partners must pay the guest pass fee. Families may use any of our gyms, table tennis, indoor tennis courts, racquetball courts and pool. The climbing wall may also be used by families for no additional cost. Children under the age of 16 must remain within visual contact of the parent and may not use the weight room, cardio room or indoor track.

Risk statement

Participation in recreational activities, intramural sports, fitness programs and special events is purely voluntary and individuals participate at their own risk. Participants should be aware of the possibilities of bodily injury and should understand that they are responsible for any and all costs arising out of injury or property damage sustained through participation. Should someone become injured, please notify a program or facility supervisor for assistance.

Refund policy 

Student Recreation Center affiliate members may apply for a refund prior to the start of the semester or session for which a membership is purchased. After the first day of the semester or session, a refund cannot be issued for any reason. Students who are billed through tuition or enrollment fees are not eligible for refunds. Faculty or staff members that use the taxable benefit option to purchase an annual membership are not eligible for a refund.

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