Master's Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University offers nationally and internationally recognized graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines.

Faculty of the college rank among the finest scholars and researchers at WMU and among the finest teachers and scholars anywhere in the nation.

To help Western Michigan University achieve its goal to be learner centered and discovery driven, the College of Arts and Sciences involves students in the research and creative activities of the faculty and encourages students to participate in projects of their own.


  • Communication
    • Communication (M.A.)
    • Communication (Accelerated M.A.)
  • Comparative Religion
    • Comparative Religion (M.A.)
    • Spirituality, Culture and Health (M.A.)
    • Spirituality, Culture and Health (Certificate Program)
  • English
    • English (M.A.)
    • English (Accelerated M.A.)
    • English with an Emphasis on Professional Writing (M.A.)
    • English with an Emphasis on Teaching (M.A.)
    • Creative Writing (M.F.A.)
  • Hispanic Studies
    • Hispanic Studies (M.A.)
    • Hispanic Studies (Accelerated M.A.)
  • Philosophy
    • Philosophy (M.A.)


Sciences and Mathematics

  • Biological Sciences
    • Biological Sciences (M.A., M.S.)
    • Biological Sciences (Accelerated M.A., Accelerated M.S.)
  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry (M.A., M.S.)
    • Chemistry (Accelerated M.A.)
  • Geography, Environment, and Tourism
    • Geography (M.S.)
    • Geographic Information Sciences (Certificate Program)
    • Geospatial Applications of Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (Certificate Program)
  • Geosciences
    • Earth Science – Non-thesis (M.S.)
    • Earth Science – Non-thesis (Accelerated M.S.)
    • Geosciences (M.S.)
    • Hydrogeology (Certificate Program)
    • UAVs Applications in Geological and Environmental Sciences (Certificate Program)
  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics (M.A.)
    • Mathematics (Accelerated M.A.)
    • Mathematics Education (M.A.)
    • Applied and Computational Mathematics (M.S.)
  • Physics
    • Physics (M.A.)
  • Psychology
    • Psychology (M.A.)
  • Statistics
    • Data Science (M.S.)
    • Statistics (M.S.)
    • Statistics (Accelerated M.S.)
    • Applied Statistics – Interdisciplinary (Certificate Program)
    • Biostatistics (Certificate Program)

Social Sciences

  • Anthropology
    • Anthropology (M.A.)
  • Economics
    • Applied Economics (M.A.)
    • Applied Economics (Accelerated M.A.)
  • History
    • History (M.A.)
    • History (Accelerated M.A.)
    • Public History (Accelerated M.A.)
    • Cultural and Environmental Heritage Management (Certificate Program)
    • History (Certificate Program)
  • Political Science
    • International Development Administration (M.I.D.A.)
    • Political Science (M.A.)
    • Political Science (Accelerated M.A.)
    • Climate Change Policy and Management (Certificate Program) *effective fall 2020
  • Public Affairs and Administration
    • Public Administration (M.P.A.)
    • Joint Doctor of Laws and Master of Public Administration (J.D./M.P.A.)
  • Sociology
    • Sociology (M.A.)
    • Sociology (Accelerated M.A.)