Dining Dollars Terms and Conditions

Please read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions before using your Dining Dollars account.

By making a deposit and/or using your Dining Dollars account, you agree to these terms and conditions. Adding value to your Dining Dollars account allows you to access your declining balance at the following WMU Campus Café locations: Bella Vita Café, Parkview Café, Schneider Café, Flossie’s Café, Plaza Café, Bernhard Café and Market, and Café 1903 and Market.  Your Dining Dollars account can also be used at any of the Dining Centers to purchase a meal.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are a pre-paid declining balance account accessed through your Western Michigan University Bronco Card. Make a deposit in your Dining Dollars account, and then present your Bronco Card to make purchases at WMU Campus Cafes or any of the Dining Centers to purchase a meal.


  1. You, Your, Account Owner, each mean the Cardholder.
  2. University means Western Michigan University.
  3. Cardholder means an individual in whose name and for whose benefit a Bronco Card is to be issued or has been issued by Western Michigan University.
  4. Bronco Card means the official Western Michigan University ID Card issued by Western Michigan University to the Cardholder.
  5. Participating locations means any of the following locations: Bella Vita Café, Café 1903 and Market, Parkview Café, Schneider Café, Flossie’s Café, Plaza Café, Bernhard Café and Market and any dining center.
  6. Dining Dollars account means a record of pre-paid funds in a declining balance account that can be used by the Cardholder at participating locations.
  7. Guest means an individual other than the Cardholder who is able to make a deposit in a Dining Dollars account as a gift to the Cardholder.
  8. Bronco Net ID is the primary computer account for anyone actively affiliated with the University (Student, Faculty, staff, etc.). Bronco Net IDs are issued with a temporary password which must be activated before the account can be used.
  9. Dining Dollars system administrator means Western Michigan University staff, who have the responsibility to manage Dining Dollars accounts, and the Dining Office located in the Bernhard Center, telephone: (269) 387-4844.

Bronco Card

  1. The Bronco Card is your photo identification at Western Michigan University. Bronco Card is the property of Western Michigan University (WMU), and is issued by WMU to the Cardholder only, and is non-transferable.
  2. The Bronco Card is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued. The Bronco Card will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the Cardholder.
  3. Western Michigan University rules and regulations govern the use of the Bronco Card. Misuse of the Bronco Card may be referred to the Department of Public Safety and/or Office of Student Conduct. Use of the Bronco Card may be revoked at University’s sole discretion for violation of University policies and procedures.
  4. For questions of more information about the Bronco Card, contact the Bronco Card Office, located in the Bernhard Center, call (269) 387-6278, or online.
  5. The Bronco Card is not a bank card and is not associated with a bank. Under no circumstance may the Bronco Card be used to obtain cash or cash advances.

Lost or Stolen Bronco ID Cards

  1. The cardholder is responsible for reporting and replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cards as stated by the Department of Public Safety’s Bronco Card Office.
  2. A new card should be requested immediately from Public Safety. 
  3. Dining Dollars Service is not responsible for any loss due to account misuse with lost or stolen cards before a hold is enabled.
  4. The University is not liable for financial or criminal repercussion associated with the fraudulent use of Dining Dollars.

Dining Dollars Account

  1. Anyone with a Bronco Net ID can set up a Dining Dollars account.
  2. Dining Dollars accounts may be setup online at wmich.edu/dining/diningdollars
  3. The online account is accessed with the account owner’s Bronco NET ID and password.
  4. Dining Dollars accounts are not transferable.
  5. The Dining Dollars system works on a declining balance. A dollar value must be added to a Dining Dollars account before the Dining Dollars can be used for purchases at WMU Dining Centers or Campus Cafés.
  6. Dining Dollars is not a bankcard and is not associated with a bank. Dining Dollars can be used for on campus purchases only and not for cash withdrawals.
  7. The Dining Dollars plan will remain in effect as long as the account owner is an officially registered student or an employee at Western Michigan University.
  8. The Dining Dollars account owner agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, policies and procedures specified by the University and WMU Dining Services. The University reserves the right to cancel account agreements in the event an individual violates any such rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures or breaches in any way any term or condition of this agreement. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating the use of Dining Dollars and its privileges will apply to all cards in circulation and use at the time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.
  9. The University may change any term or part of these policies, sending an email notice to the cardholder before change is to be made effective (using the email address in your Dining Dollars account profile). The use of Dining Dollars on or after the effective date of the change means that the participant accepts and agrees with the change. The University may apply any such change to the outstanding balance on the date of the change of terms and to new charges after the date.
  10. Dining Dollars Service reserves the right to close accounts that remain inactive for a period of twelve months.

Adding Value

There are two ways to add value to a Dining Dollars account:

Direct account access

  1. The owner of the Dining Dollars account may add value to his or her said account with the use of a valid VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card or charge to their student account through the online Dining Dollars system account interface.
  2. Check or cash purchases can be added through the system administrator, between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., EST at the WMU Dining Services office, room 161, Bernhard Center.
  3. A minimum purchase of $10 in Dining Dollars is required per transaction.
  4. Purchases of Dining Dollars charged to student accounts are limited to $250 per week (Monday – Sunday) and $250 per transaction.
  5. Purchases to MasterCard, VISA or Discover are limited to $1,000 per transaction or $1,000 per week.
  6. No interest or other earning will be paid on account balances to the account holder or credited to the University.
  7. Transactions are real-time.


  1. Anyone can add value to a Dining Dollars account using the account owner’s first name and last name (exactly as it appears on the Bronco Card) and the account owner’s Bronco Net ID (not password).
  2. Gifting is available online through the Dining Dollars system gifting interface with the use of a valid VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.
  3. Check or cash purchases can be added through the Dining Dollars system account administrators between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., EST at the WMU Dining Services office, room 161, Bernhard Center.
  4. Once a value has been gifted, the dollar amount and any future credits belong to the recipient. Purchases are at the discretion of the account owner. Refund and credit policies are detailed below.
  5. No interest or other earnings will be paid on account balances to the account owner or credited by the University.
  6. Transactions are real-time.


  1. Only the account owner is authorized to make purchases from their Dining Dollars account with their WMU Bronco Card.
  2. Sufficient funds must be present in the account or additional payment options must be used to cover the balance of the transaction. The accounts will not carry a negative balance.
  3. Fraudulent use of a Dining Dollars account will be subject to University, State and Federal Law.
  4. Cash withdrawals may not be made from a Dining Dollars account.
  5. A point of purchase receipt may be requested from terminals equipped to print receipts. The remaining balance of Dining Dollars is available each time the account is accessed and may be requested from the sales clerk.

Account Balance

  1. An up-to-date account balance is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that only the owner of the Dining Dollars account may view the balance.
  2. Questions concerning your Dining Dollars account can be directed to (269) 387-4844.
  3. If an error or problem is detected, the account owner must contact the Dining Dollars system administrator in the WMU Dining Services office, room 161, Bernhard Center no later than 30 days after the problem or error appears. The following information will be needed:
  • Provide account owner’s name and WIN number.
  • Describe the error or question.
  • Either specify the dollar amount of the possible error, or provide proof of purchase.


  1. Cash refunds are not made for meals or Campus Café purchases using Dining Dollars account funds. A credit will be made to your Dining Dollars account.
  2. Refunds are issued upon graduation, academic withdrawal, or employment termination from the University upon request. Requests can be made by calling the Dining Office at (269) 387-4844 or via the Dining Service web site.
  3. Per University policy, Dining Dollars balances will first be applied to any outstanding debt owed to the University. Refunds balances of $10 or more, minus an administration fee of $3, will be applied to the account owner’s University account.