Educator Preparation Governing Council Professional Educators Curriculum Committee

Membership of the EPGC Professional Educators Board Curriculum Committee (PEBCC) includes the Associate Dean or Director of Advising from each of the four colleges, the CAEP Coordinator, the Director of Teacher Education, the Directors of Certification and Clinical Experiences, and eight faculty members representing the four colleges engaging in educator preparation.  The faculty membership is specifically allocated in the following format: three from the College of Education and Human Development, three from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from the College of Fine Arts, and one from the College of Health and Human Services.

The PEBCC meets monthly, as needed, to review curriculum proposals impacting educator preparation to verify that

  • Learning outcomes and assessment strategies are clearly defined and developed
  • Curriculum changes are based on a review of data and address specific needs of the program
  • Curriculum changes do not significantly delay graduation, increase scheduling conflicts, or financially burden candidates
  • The rationale for the curriculum changes clearly defines the need for the change.
  • Curriculum changes do not duplicate similar courses in other departments.