Educator Preparation Governing Council Purpose and Functions


The Educator Preparation Governing Council (EPGC) is a policy-making and review body with oversight of any matter related to the preparation of PK-12 education professionals at Western Michigan University, including undergraduate and graduate programs.  Its ultimate goal is to improve the quality of educator preparation programs and the learning of students. For example, it will be concerned with the establishment or revision of educator programs, the assessment of program outcomes and the alignment of programs with state and national standards for educators.

Note: Throughout this page, the term “unit” refers to the overall professional education unit which encompasses all colleges, departments, and programs related to education preparation.


  • To develop policy concerning educator preparation at WMU and communicate such policies to internal and external constituents, including faculty, staff, students and PK-12 school partners.
  • To coordinate and review assessment processes and results to assure candidates meet national, state and WMU standards.
  • To consider possible deficiencies in programs and recommend, initiate and monitor program improvements.
  • To provide funding support for initiatives to improve the educator preparation unit.
  • To consult regularly with PK-12 school partners to assure that educator preparation at WMU is responsive to the changing demands of public education and make recommendations for improvements to WMU programs based on those consultations.
  • To report annually, through the Executive Committee, to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • To consider any other matters affecting educator preparation programs at the University.
  • Coordinate an annual meeting of all members of the EPGC.