Leadership for Social Change Minor

Department: Educational Leadership, Research and Technology
Minor: Leadership for Social Change

The undergraduate minor in Leadership for Social Change is a 15-credit hour program offered through the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology in the College of Education and Human Development. The Leadership for Social Change minor complements a variety of academic majors and encourages students to become leaders who advocate for positive social change and to consider the role of leadership through the lens of their major field of study. Throughout the courses, students will explore their own leadership strengths, practice applying leadership theories to current societal issues, and develop a leadership philosophy that connects their personal passions with their academic major. The ultimate goal of this minor is to help students understand how they can make a difference and how they can provide leadership in a diverse society.

The seven critical values of the social change leadership model (2017) are: consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, citizenship and change.

Faculty Advisor Contact Information:
D. Eric Archer, PhD, CCLS

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