Meet Derek: Presidential Scholar '23


"The faculty that run the nutrition and dietetics program have a vested interest in seeing their students succeed."

  • Why did you choose the nutrition and dietetics major?

    I chose this major because I am interested in the relationships between what we eat and how it affects both our health and the health of the planet.

  • What is your favorite part of your major?

    I enjoyed learning about how diet can both prevent and treat many of our major chronic health conditions.

  • What types of clubs, organizations, extra-curricular activities are you a part of?

    I am a board member of the Student Dietetics Association, a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I volunteered at the YWCA, KVCC Food Innovation Center, and I have also led community cooking classes at the People's Food Co-op and assisted with cooking classes for WMU staff.

  • Your best friend is thinking about attending WMU, what do you tell them?

    If they are thinking about the Dietetics program specifically, I would tell them that WMU is a great school. The staff/instructors that run the nutrition and dietetics program have a vested interest in seeing their students succeed and are passionate about instilling as much knowledge as they can in their students. The program offers ample opportunities to build experience and relationships with community members. I would tell them that if they take advantage of the opportunities provided, they will be set up for success. 

Nutrition and dietetics at WMU

The nutrition and dietetics major equips students with the foundational knowledge needed for a career in the field of dietetics. The program meets the academic requirements of the didactic program in dietetics and is accredited by ACEND, the accrediting agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Presidential Scholar Award

Each year, faculty members from across the University select the most outstanding senior in their various academic schools, departments and programs to represent their units as a WMU Presidential Scholar. The Presidential Scholar designation is the highest academic honor that WMU can bestow on its undergraduates. Selection is based on the students' general academic excellence, academic and artistic excellence relative to their majors, and intellectual and artistic promise.

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