K-12 Leadership Graduates

Listed below are some of our graduates from the K-12 leadership concentration within the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University.

  • Micole Dyson
    Title/Organization: Elementary Principal/Kalamazoo Public Schools
    Dissertation Title: Leadership efficacy and influence on collective efficacy in low performing schools; navigating the mandates from the state

  • Doug Greer
    Title/Organization: Director of School Improvement/Ottawa Area ISD
    Dissertation Title: A relationship between student math achievement and teachers utilizing a process involving instructional interim assessments

  • carter headshot

    Alan Carter
    Title/Organization: Headmaster/Creative Montessori Academy
    Dissertation Topic: From following to leading: experiencing the phenomena of becoming a teacher leader

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    Rosemary ClevelandWMU
    Title/Organization: Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Certification Program/Grand Valley State University
    Dissertation Topic: New teachers' perceptions on their preparation 

  • davis headshot

    Brian Davis
    Title/Organization: Superintendent/Holland Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: Mothers who choose traditional public education in times of economic stress, criticism, and district reform

  • Mark Deschaine
    Title/Organization: Associate Professor/Central Michigan University
    Dissertation Topic: How schools are meeting state legal mandates to provide online education

  • england headshot

    Darla England
    Title/Organization: Principal/Grandville Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: Elementary principals' perspectives on newly graduated general education teachers' abilities to teach students with disabilities in inclusion classrooms

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    Ronald Gorman
    Title/Organization: Deputy Superintendent/Grand Rapids Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: An examination of academic grit in urban high schools

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    Scott Merkel
    Title/Organization: Assistant Superintendent/Grandville Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: Redefining significance: experiences of humanities faculty engaged in undergraduate research

  • todd headshot

    Cindy Todd
    Title/Organization: Professor/Chair of Art Education/Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
    Dissertation Topic: Creative iconology: A conceptual framework for instruction in K-12 and pre-service visual arts education

  • geier headshot

    Brett Geier
    Title/Organization: Associate Professor/Western Michigan University
    Dissertation Topic: Michigan elementary school facility quality and its impact on student achievement

  • severson headshot

    John Severson
    Title/Organization: Superintendent/Muskegon Area ISD
    Dissertation Topic: A phenomenological exploration of superintendents' and principals' experiences in a shared professional development process

  • aramath headshot

    George Aramath
    Title/Organization: University Clinical Supervisor and Adjunct Professor/Texas Wesleyan University
    Dissertation Topic: Investigating practices of research-proven multidimensional teacher evaluation systems in Michigan schools

  • mathis headshot

    Peggy Mathis
    Title/Organization: Superintendent/Newaygo Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: Experiences of suburban and rural high school principals who have attained longevity in the position: a qualitative study

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    Steve Sanocki
    Title/Organization: Elementary Principal/North Muskegon Public Schools
    Dissertation Topic: The process of how teachers become teacher leaders and how teacher leadership becomes distributed within a school: a grounded theory research study

  • travis headshot

    Timothy Travis
    Title/Organization: Superintendent/Saugatuck Public Schools
    Dissertation Topic: From networked learning to operational practice: constructing and transferring superintendent knowledge in a regional instructional rounds network

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    Caroline Breault-Cannon
    Title/Organization: Elementary Principal/East Grand Rapids Public Schools
    Dissertation Topic: Processes, tools, and procedures section 504 coordinators use to create and provide uniformity of section 504 requirements across their districts

  • burde headshot

    Michael Burde
    Title/Organization: Assistant Superintendent/Kenowa Public Schools
    Dissertation Topic: The relationship between student achievement and professional learning communities at the middles school level 

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    Kristen Dewitt
    Title/Organization:Elementary Principal and Teacher/State College Area School District 
    Dissertation Topic: Experiences of Michigan elementary national board certification candidates

  • dionne headshot

    Gregg Dionne
    Title/Organization: Supervisor, Curriculum and Instruction/Michigan Department of Education
    Dissertation Topic: The federal school improvement grant: telling the story through quantitative outcomes

  • meemar headshot

    Salah Meemar
    Title/Organization: Director of Training Department/Saudi Embassy at Washington, Saudi Cultural Mission 
    Dissertation Topic: Tatweer school principals' perceptions of new authorities granted in the initial steps of decentralization

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    John VanWagner
    Title/Organization: Superintendent/Alpena Public Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: Case study: Michigan's 21st century small schools fund

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    Ann Rea Kopy
    Title/Organization:Retired/Oak Park Schools 
    Dissertation Topic: A case study of the efficacy of a university cohort group in a small urban school district

  • postell headshot

    Carla Postell
    Title/Organization:Director of Curriculum Integration and Instruction/Hazel Park Schools  
    Dissertation Topic: African american students' experiences, achievement and outcomes; examined through the lenses of teacher expectations, racial congruence and stereotype threat

  • rynberg headshot

    Andrew Rynberg
    Title/Organization: ES Principal-Europe/Department of Defense Education Activity 
    Dissertation Topic: Using RTP (responsible thinking process) as a lever for improving school culture: a case study of an alternative secondary school's implementation of RTP