Computing and IT Services

Row of computer workstations at Waldo Library.

Campus wireless networks are available throughout the Libraries.  To connect your laptop or other device, learn more about the WMU Guest and WMU Secure wireless networks.

Quota printing is available in all Libraries locations.  Learn more about patron quota printing, scanning and photocopying.

240 computers are available for patron and public use in four Library locations. Find an available computer in Waldo Library by using LabMaps. Technical support is offered at the main Service Desk in each location.

All of our public computers have the screen reader NVDA installed. There are also four computers at the Swain Education Library with JAWS installed. Blind and low-vision patrons can ask a staff member at the Service Desk to start the NVDA or JAWS application for them. Headphones are also available to be checked out at each Service Desk.

24 computers with two monitors are available on the first floor of Waldo Library; an additional 4 computers with two monitors are available on the second floor of Waldo Library.

Eight computers in Waldo have the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications installed.  Eight computers in Waldo have statistical software installed: Maple, SPSS, and Minitab.  Please ask at the main Service Desk for directions to these specialized computers.  (Signs are coming soon.)

Electrical outlets and USB plugs for charging personal devices are available, including on new furniture on the first floor of Waldo Library.

Three computing classrooms are available for instructional purposes with pre-planning starting at the Waldo Service Desk (269) 387-5178. Classroom A on first floor Waldo has a capacity of 30 students along with projection, white board walls and printers. Classroom B on lower level has a capacity of 15 students with projection, a white board wall and a printer. Classroom E is in the Swain Education Library in Sangren Hall has a capacity of 36 students with projection and printers.