WMU International Student - Tommy Pagawak

Missionary Magic – Tommy Pagawak’s Path from New Guinea to WMU

International student, Tommy Pagawak, found his way to Western Michigan University through a chance encounter. Always passionate about aviation, Pagawak's knew nothing about WMU until he ran into a Western Michigan University College of Aviation alumni. This happenstance experience would change Pagawak's life journey, propelling him all the way from Papua, New Guinea to Kalamazoo, MI.

WMU Aviation Technical Operations Alumni - Miguel Del Rosario

Maintaining Miguel: Thankful for Aviation Tech Ops

For decades, The Dominican Republic has been exporting to the United States scores of talented baseball players with the ability to send white spheroids on long, majestic flights.  Thanks to the Western Michigan University College of Aviation, Miguel Del Rosario, whose former home is the capital city of Santo Domingo, was able to polish and train his skills so that people can enjoy safe and secure flights all over the world.