New CEHD agreement awards qualifying Michigan high school students college credit for career and technical education courses

Jan. 10, 2019

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University’s College of Education and Human Development, along with the Michigan Department of Education, are pleased to announce a new agreement that awards qualifying Michigan high school students college credit for Career and Technical Education courses. The articulation agreement means that incoming WMU students may be eligible, when their CTE courses align with courses in one of the college’s majors, to receive up to six credits of college credit for their high school CTE coursework—the equivalent of $2,781.30 of in-state tuition.

According to Dr. Ming Li, dean of the WMU College of Education and Human Development, “awarding university-level credit to students who complete an MDE CTE program could potentially have a positive impact on student success, enrollment and 6-year graduation rates.”

The articulation process recognizes the learning and skills students accomplish in rigorous state-approved CTE curricula. For example, a student with approved high school coursework completed at an early learning center could potentially apply up to six credits to a degree in child and family development or family studies. A sample of majors that may align to students’ high school CTE course work can be found on the CEHD advising office website. Ultimately, it is up to each college, department and program at WMU to decide whether to award the credit.

Awarding credit for courses that are aligned with WMU CEHD programs provides students with advanced academic standing, which reduces the time and cost for completing a degree.

Granting of CTE articulated credit requires successful completion of individual CTE courses, or a 1-2 year CTE program, approved by the MDE. This can be demonstrated through a student’s transcript or by other means of program completion verification. Additional performance standards include:

  • Minimum grade of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better in all required CTE courses
  • 90% or higher attendance during the program
  • Completion of state assessments with a passing score (when available) or other end-of-course assessments, portfolios, etc.
  • Positive recommendations from the CTE instructor and CTE director

To apply for credit, the student should submit the application for articulated CTE credit, which includes portions to be completed by both the student and the school or career and technical education center. If the student received credit for their courses through dual enrollment with a Michigan community college, then WMU may accept the credit directly from the community college transcript.

WMU will not charge tuition for awarded credit. The articulated courses will count as transfer courses toward graduation requirements but not affect the student’s GPA at WMU.

WMU CEHD faculty and staff are eager to assist students through this new process. Questions can be directed to the college’s Office of Admissions and Advising. For more information, view the WMU News press release.

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