A new federally funded interdisciplinary graduate program in Adapted Physical Education (APE) and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

October 8, 2020

Note: The second cohort has been determined. We are no longer accepting applications.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University recently received a $1.24 million grant from the United States Department of Education. The grant is federally funded for preparing qualified students to earn an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in APE and PBIS with a self-selected Master’s degree, either Master of Art in Physical Education: APE Concentration or Master of Art in Special Education: Behavioral Specialist Concentration. A qualified student is an applicant who:

  1. has a bachelor’s degree in physical education or special education,
  2. possesses or will possess a valid teaching certificate,
  3. meets requirements for graduate level admission, and
  4. is an American citizen or permanent resident.

A student accepted will be required to complete a total of 14 courses for 42 credit hours within a period of time about 2.5 years. Students will take 9 courses for 27 hours to earn an interdisciplinary graduate certificate for teaching children with severe disabilities in APE and/or special education classes in PBIS, and take 5 extra courses for 15 credit hours to earn a Master’s degree based on the student’s own choice for teaching children with general disabilities in APE or special education classes in PBIS. All 14 courses are delivered fully online, therefore, each student accepted can complete the program of study in their local area. A student accepted into the program will receive

  1. free tuition for all 14 courses,
  2. a stipend for textbooks,
  3. materials and registration for taking a national exam, and
  4. a laptop for taking online courses.

A graduate assistant position is also available for a qualified student starting in the fall of 2021.  This position will receive the funding and materials listed above and also a 9-12 month salary for assisting the APE Lab and Grant Office. The student accepted for this position will be required to stay in the main campus of Western Michigan University.

If you are interested in Master of Art in Physical Education: APE Concentration specified in this project, please contact:

Dr. Jiabei Zhang
(269) 387-2949
Department of Human Performance and Health Education
Western Michigan University

If you are interested in Master of Arts in Special Education: Behavioral Specialist Concentration, please contact: 

Dr. Kate LaLonde
(269) 387-5959
Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies
Western Michigan University

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