EDLD Student Experiences

How has your degree and/or program helped you move into new spaces of engagement that were not previously open to you?

"My new position required advanced doctoral work and my new job is a perfect fit for my professional and research experiences to-date."

Katie Giardello
EDLD-Higher Education, PhD Student; Director for ASAP|ACE National Replication Strategy

"The training, education, scholarship, and relationships I was exposed to at WMU have prepared and encouraged me to continue to move into spaces where my training, interests, and experiences can have an impact in the field of policy, education, and administration."

Mark E. Deschaine 
PhD, EDLD-K12, 2013; Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, The University of Mississippi

"Upon obtaining my MA in Educational Leadership I moved from K-12 building principal to School District Administrator. Currently I am seeking to earn my PhD and I am confident that as I have moved into Higher Education, this will help me secure other positions of leadership in Higher Education with a firm foundation of K-12 leadership beneath me."

Nkenge A. Bergan 
Current EDLD-K12 PhD student; MA 1999 in Ed. Leadership; Associate VP for Student Development Services at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

"Because I am studying leadership, I was asked to be department chair."

Meredith Dodson 
PhD, EDLD-Higher Education, 2022; Assistant Professor of Writing, Writing Program Director, Chair of Arts and Humanities Department at Olivet College

"This degree has allowed me the opportunity to grow as a leader, I am excited to bring my research interests to the forefront."

Mark Wilke 
PhD, EDLD-K12, 2019; Principal, Comstock Middle School

"With my degree I could select some other job position and participate in national discussions about education."

Alexandra Garcia 
PhD, EDLD-Higher Education, 2020; Chair of Language Department; Language Coordinator at ITSC Community College, Dominican Republic

"The program has helped me become more aware of higher ed's current challenges. It has broadened my perspective and has helped increase my effectiveness in decision-making."

David Lawrence 
EDLD-Higher Education, PhD Student; Vice President for Global Campus and Continuing Education, Michigan Technological University

"I have learned how to better evaluate educational articles and identify strong research practices when reading and learning about possible initiatives and curriculum changes that impact my job as an elementary principal."

Amie McCaw 
EDLD-K12, PhD Student; Elementary Principal at Gull Lake Community Schools