Current Organizational Analysis Leadership Students


  • Carney headshot

    Lauren Carney
    Title/Organization: Director/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Organizational change; first generation professionals; diversity, inclusion and equity training

  • Monica Liggins-Abrams
    Title/Organization: Senior Director Strategic Initiatives/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Organizational change to achieve equity for traditionally underrepresented students; effectiveness of multi-institutional initiatives, mentoring, student success

  • Ebejer headshot

    Mary Ebejer
    Title/Organization: Faculty Specialist/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Graduate writing; pedagogy; culture; support; dissertation writing support

  • Grant headshot

    Janelle Grant
    Title/Organization: Project Coordinator/W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
    Research Interest: HR policy; team dynamics; mentorship at work; performance evaluations

  • Halverson headshot

    Connie Halverson
    Title/Organization: Senior Instructional Designer/International Food Protection Training Institute
    Research Interest: Organizational training and development process, organizational culture, and coaching

  • Ledon headshot

    Ledon Lenzly
    Title/Organization: Full-Time Student
    Research Interest: Organizational inertia and why employees in organizations don't change

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    Djimtibaye Otalbaye
    Title/Organization: Research Assistant/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: School principals' experience with social justice issues; exploring diversity in workplace, evolution of social justice today

  • Ruiz headshot

    April Ruiz
    Title/Organization: Owner/Lead Mastermind at Mosaic Masterminds; Adjunct Professor at Grand Rapids Community College
    Research Interests: Success in math among Black college women; Mathematics education; STEM college-majors-to-careers pathways; success motivation of Black males in college

  • Buhl headshot

    Roxanne Buhl
    Title/Organization: Director of Community Engagement/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Tacit knowledge transfer and retention

  • McMillian headshot

    Ronnie McMillian
    Title/Organization: IT Business Controls Manager, Vice President/Fifth Third Bank
    Research Interest: Improving the participation rates of African Americans in information technology and other STEM related professions

  • Zheng headshot

    Yunzheng Zheng
    Research Interest: Social networks for school improvement; organizational change; project evaluation

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    Cherrelle Singleton
    Title/Organization: Consultant Independent
    Research Interest: Strategic partnership among state rehabilitation agencies; develop V. establishment of partnership; consideration of race and disability in developing partnership

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    Nizoramo Haitova
    Title/Organization: Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant/ Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: International students, Muslim International student mothers, principal leadership in K-12