Current Organizational Analysis Leadership Students

Listed below are the current students in the organizational analysis leadership concentration in the Doctor of Philosophy in educational leadership in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University.

  • Carney headshot

    Lauren Carney
    Title/Organization: Director/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Organizational change; first generation professionals; diversity, inclusion and equity training

  • Ebejer headshot

    Mary Ebejer
    Title/Organization: Faculty Specialist/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Graduate writing; pedagogy; culture; support; dissertation writing support

  • Grant headshot

    Janelle Grant
    Title/Organization: Project Coordinator/W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
    Research Interest: HR policy; team dynamics; mentorship at work; performance evaluations

  • Halverson headshot

    Connie Halverson
    Title/Organization: Senior Instructional Designer/International Food Protection Training Institute
    Research Interest: Organizational training and development process, organizational culture, and coaching

  • Ledon headshot

    Ledon Lenzly
    Title/Organization: Full-Time Student
    Research Interest: Organizational inertia and why employees in organizations don't change

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    Djimtibaye Otalbaye
    Title/Organization: Research Assistant/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: School principals' experience with social justice issues; exploring diversity in workplace, evolution of social justice today

  • Ruiz headshot

    April Ruiz
    Title/Organization: Adjunct Professor; Professional Tutor/Grand Rapids Community College
    Research Interest: Mathematics education; STEM college-majors-to-careers pathways; success motivation of Black males in college

  • Buhl headshot

    Roxanne Buhl
    Title/Organization: Director of Community Engagement/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Tacit knowledge transfer and retention

  • McMillian headshot

    Ronnie McMillian
    Title/Organization: IT Business Controls Manager, Vice President/Fifth Third Bank
    Research Interest: Improving the participation rates of African Americans in information technology and other STEM related professions

  • Zheng headshot

    Yunzheng Zheng
    Research Interest: Social networks for school improvement; organizational change; project evaluation

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    Cherrelle Singleton
    Title/Organization: Consultant Independent
    Research Interest: Strategic partnership among state rehabilitation agencies; develop V. establishment of partnership; consideration of race and disability in developing partnership

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    Nizoramo Haitova
    Title/Organization: Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant/ Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: International students, Muslim International student mothers, principal leadership in K-12