Application for Prospective ELRT Doctoral/Graduate Assistantship (DA/GA) Positions

To be considered for support during an academic year, you must be registered student in an ELRT program; typically, the department only hires doctoral students but other students with specific skills/knowledge may be considered. Please complete and return this application. Full assistantships provide up to 9-credit hours of tuition support, as well as a small stipend; learn more. Please note that students are expected to work, on average, 20 hours per week for a full assistantship, in the department (as assigned). 

Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
(A) Spoken Languages
(B) Reading & Writing
Please rate your perceived skill level/ability and provide examples and/or explanation of skills: software programs used (e.g., SPSS, Nvivo), research projects/grants, employment/job assignment, etc. for each of the tasks below.
By submitting this form I certify the above and attached to be true. I authorize the release of the above and attached to the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology's Scholarship Committee members and scholarship donors.