Counseling psychology students compete nationwide to land prestigious internships

Contact: Chris Hybels

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University's Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology is celebrating six doctoral students in the counseling psychology program who received internship matches during the first phase of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (AAPIC) Match process.

According to the APPIC, the Match process is designed to help students obtain positions in doctoral internships of their choice. The Match allows programs and applicants to evaluate each other fully before determining preferences, so there is no pressure to make premature decisions based on incomplete information.

Dr. Samuel Beasley, associate professor and counseling psychology training director, describes the process as highly competitive because the process includes doctoral students from clinical, counseling and school psychology doctoral programs nationwide.

“The predoctoral internship is one of the culminating experiences for doctoral students that connects their previous clinical training with more specialized training before they graduate,” Beasley says. “This internship provides the launching point for their careers as licensed psychologists. Being matched to one’s preferred predoctoral internship helps set up trainees for the future opportunities they want to pursue.”

Doctoral students and their internships include:

  • Adrian Hernandez, Yale University School of Medicine 
  • Hawi Wako, University of Oregon Counseling Center
  • Letetsia Fox, University of Notre Dame Counseling Center 
  • Sarah Haueisen, University of Colorado Boulder Counseling Center
  • Shirlee Moore, Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia 
  • Zari Carpenter, Michigan State University Counseling and Psychiatric Services

“This achievement is a reflection of their (counseling psychology faculty) commitment to providing exceptional training to their students,” says Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig, provost and vice president of academic affairs. “It is also a reflection of the students' hard work and dedication to their studies and future careers.”

about counseling psychology at wmu

The counseling psychology doctoral program resides in the College of Education and Human Development in the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology. The program's philosophy holds that theory, research and practice are interdependent and complementary. The curriculum and practical experiences are designed to ensure professional competency in all three areas and to facilitate their integration. The counseling psychology program’s student admissions, outcomes and other data are provided to help potential doctoral students make an informed decision.

Program graduates are typically employed in a variety of settings including academic departments, university counseling centers, community mental health agencies, hospitals and independent practices. For more information about the program, contact Dr. Samuel Beasley.

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