Academic advisor recognized for her support of 'holistic development' of multicultural students

Contact: Chris Hybels
Ayla and co-workers

Ayla Ludwig (second from right) with staff from the College of Education and Human Development and Multicultural Affairs for Students, after receiving an award for her support of multicultural students.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Ayla Ludwig, an academic advisor in Western Michigan University's College of Education and Human Development, received a certificate of appreciation for her continued support to WMU's Multicultural Affairs for Students. Through Multicultural Affairs, she became involved with the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Scholars Academy, a support program for MLK G.O.L.D. scholarship recipients at Western. Through the academy and her graduate assistantship in career counseling, she presented on topics such as career development, college life and personal wellness to help scholars in their journey at Western.

"Multicultural affairs in higher education is a true professional passion," says Ludwig. "I am very appreciative of this recognition from WMU, and I look forward to continuing my work with the wonderful people who also make it priority to promote multiculturalism in our educational community."

Beyond being an academic advisor, Ludwig is also a doctoral candidate in the counselor education program at Western. Her dissertation research focuses on the professional socialization of international counselor educators in the United States, and her research agenda examines academic centers on multiculturalism and career development in higher education and the field of counselor education. She has also had the opportunity to share her research on the experiences of international students in the U.S. at national conferences. 

"This peer award is evidence of her commitment to diversity, education, development, and support of our students in their holistic development," says Dr. Chris Robinson, director of undergraduate admissions and advising in the College of Education and Human Development.


Multicultural Affairs for Students focuses on the transition and success of multicultural students at WMU. The ultimate goal is for multicultural students to retain and graduate on time. Through various programs and events, they provide support in academics, employment and internships, peer mentoring and student organization support. 

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