GroupEx Descriptions


Get ready to enjoy the ride! Each class will offer a new adventure as you climb up steep hills, ride down through valleys, and enjoy the long flat roads. 


Increase strength, balance, and flexibility while reducing stress and relaxing the mind with a flow of movement through all parts of the body.


CIRCL Mobility™ will unlock your body’s potential through mobility, flexibility, and breathwork exercises designed to optimize how you move through daily life. Based on the cutting-edge science of functional movement, you’ll release physical restrictions, restore your full range of motion and renew your movement capabilities. 


Each class will work to lean and lengthen muscles with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Pilates is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your abdominal, back, glutes and upper legs and
to feel increased agility in your everyday movements. 


The ultimate dance party that includes choreography to fun Latin and hip-hop steps and energetic music that will keep you moving.