Advising for Fashion Design and Development

Department: Family and Consumer Sciences
Major: Fashion Design and Development

This program focuses on developing creative, technical design, and business skills needed for careers in the design and product development sector of the apparel industry. Students electing this concentration study fashion design, textiles, costume history, product development and entrepreneurship. Up to 24 credit hours toward the major may be earned through study at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Regents University in London, or Florence University of the Arts in Italy.

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Field experience

FCS 2020 Field Experience (3 credits)

Field experience offers students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in real world situations, as well as gain valuable work experience. Fashion merchandising and design studies majors earn three semester credits by completing 300 hours of pre-approved, supervised field experience in apparel design and marketing firms. In addition to completion of required hours, students complete reflective assignments and receive periodic employer evaluations during the enrollment period. Field experience may be completed during the fall, spring or summer semester/sessions. It is possible to complete this requirement over more than one semester. Students may enroll for one, two or three credits per semester, with 100 work hours required for each enrolled credit.

To plan a field experience, fashion merchandising and design majors should contact Kelly Weathers.


FCS 4290 Internship (3 to 6 credits)

Fashion Merchandising and Design majors are strongly advised to complete an internship as part of their program. Internships provide students with supervised, management-level training experience with leading industry firms during late-junior or senior year. Internships may be completed in fall, spring or summer semester/sessions, and must be approved by major faculty prior to enrollment. FCS 2020 Field Experience is a prerequisite, and must be satisfactorily completed prior to enrolling in FCS 4290. A minimum of three credits (300 hours) is required, with a maximum of six credits (600 hours). In addition to completion of required work hours, enrolled students complete reflective assignments and periodic employer evaluations during the semester of enrollment.

To plan a internship, fashion merchandising and design majors should contact Kelly Weathers.

Study abroad

The fashion merchandising and design major at WMU has partnerships with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Regents University in London and Florence University of the Arts in Italy. Fashion majors may complete three to 24 credits at one of these schools as part of their WMU program. Attending one of these schools provides a unique perspective on the industry and the chance to make valuable industry connections.

Check and download study abroad planning guides:

For information on planning your studies at Fashion Institute of Technology, please contact Kelly Weathers.