Occupational Education Studies Major

Department: Family and Consumer Sciences
Major: Occupational Education Studies

The occupational education studies program is designed specifically for those individuals who wish to become certified teachers in a technical subject major as approved by the Michigan State Board of Education. The major requires a minimum of 30 hours in a Michigan Department of Education approved teachable technical/occupational program of study (CIP Code) completed with any combination of the following (1) as part of an associate degree, (2) with a combination of community college and WMU courses, (3) with WMU Prior Learning Assessment, or (4) with passing scores on the Michigan Occupational Competency Assessment Center (MOCAC) examination. To learn about admission to the occupational educational studies program and how to apply, visit admissions requirements and application.

Program Information

  • Current program flyer
  • The Michigan Department of Education requires 4000 hours in recent and relevant work experience. At WMU, the 4000 hours can be completed as follows: completion of program = 2000 hours; completion of clinical experience = 1000 hours; documentation of wage-earning experience (by resume and work experience form) = 1000 hours.


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