Chef awarded gold medal at culinary competition

Contact: Bonnie Pfingst
Photo of Chef Tom Giles standing in front of a platter of his award-winning food.

Chef Tom Giles

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Chef Tom Giles, associate director of culinary operations with Western Michigan University Dining Services, was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2018 Annual Culinary Competition held at the Columbus Culinary Institute at the end of October.

His award-winning platter, a cold food platter for eight people, featured an artful arrangement of pork loin wrapped in mustard bourbon glaze; tenderloin with beet green ash; and jowls, hocks and smoked shoulder with roasted parsnips and carrots and a roasted red pepper gelee.

The platter also included an attractive assortment of accompaniments to complement the colors and flavors, including: 

  • pork liver pâté with ruby red port
  • butternut squash mousse with cherry compote and sweet corn fritter
  • sweet and gold potatoes with mushroom duxelles, shallot and bacon jam
  • apple horseradish sauce
  • peach and roasted Serrano pepper chutney

Each platter is judged on a specific set of guidelines, taking into consideration a wide range of culinary standards including: cooking, cutting and arrangement techniques, and also color and flavor combinations.

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