Industrial Technology Education major

Department: Family and Consumer Sciences
Major: Industrial Technology Education

This program offers an Accelerated Graduate Degree Program.

This major prepares students to teach industrial technology courses at the middle and high school level. Industrial technology teachers are in high demand in Michigan and across the country.

Students who are interested in teaching at a Career and Technical Center may also complete additional requirements to earn a Career and Technical Education (CTE) endorsement in a related industrial or technical area. The additional requirements include coursework and documentation of 4,000 hours of recent and relevant work experience in the industrial area in which they would like to teach. 3,000 of the 4,000 hours will be completed as part of the Industrial Technology Education major. The other 1,000 hours must be wage-earning experience in the specific industrial or technical area and documented on a verification of work experience form. A list of CTE areas can be found on the Michigan Department of Education website. 

Students may choose to complete requirements for a vocational minor in Drafting or Graphic Arts to be eligible for a vocational Standard CTE Teaching Certification in the CIP code related to the minor. Each vocational minor, Drafting or Graphic Arts, requires a minimum of 4,000 hours of recent (within 10 years) and relevant (must be drafting or graphic arts) work experience. 

To learn about admission to the professional education program and how to apply, visit admission requirements and application.

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