Residence Hall Credit Spring 2021

Residence Hall Credit Spring 2021

Under the University’s revised academic calendar for the 2020-21 academic year, most in-person instruction is ending March 25, 2021. In response to that change, WMU has several options to consider.

  • Can I cancel my Housing contract?

    For spring 2021, if all of your classes will be delivered via distance education and you choose to complete your course work from home, you will be allowed to cancel your housing contract with no penalty if you do so by 5 p.m. on Dec 18. To cancel your contract, sign into the housing portal, click on Contract/License Cancellation Request and then follow the prompts.

    You must have already registered for classes and all of your classes must be completely online before you submit a cancellation request.  When your request is processed, you will receive an approved cancellation email to your WMU email account and your cancellation will be complete. Requests will be processed in two batches, one on December 4 and one on December 21.  If you do not cancel by Dec. 18, and you decide to do so later, you will be subject to our updated spring 2021 cancellation schedule, which can be found on the housing website.  Any student who is enrolled in one or more in person and/or hybrid classes will not have the option to cancel. 

    You may continue to live on campus until the end of spring semester per your housing contract. If you opt to leave campus housing, your move out date would be by Friday March 26 at 7pm.   You will have one opportunity to apply for a housing and dining credit. 

  • Do I have to leave March 26?

    No.  You may remain in your room until the residence halls close at the end of spring semester (7 p.m. Friday, April 30, 2021). Many on-campus resources will continue to be available between March 26 and April 30.  Dining Services will remain open with modified dining services.

  • I plan to leave March 26. How do I get the credit?

    Students planning to leave March 26 must apply for the housing and dining credit by completing an early move-out request. The request is located on the housing portal (housing portal >> Residence Halls >> Early Move-out Request). There is one application period, and students must meet all eligibility requirements.

    Application Period

    Credit Applied

    Jan. 25 to Feb. 26, 2021

    Prior to March 26

  • How much is the spring 2021 credit?

    If you have a meal plan, the housing and dining credit is $1,060.  If you do not have a meal plan, the housing credit is $530. 

  • What are the eligibility requirements for the credit?
    • You must complete the early move-out request by 5 p.m. EST Feb. 26, 2021.
    • You must be living in the residence halls during the fall 2020 semester as of Feb. 4.  These credits are not available to students who move out of the halls on Feb. 4 or before.
    • You must check out and turn in your keys, per the checkout process established in your hall, on or before March 26, 2021.  If you do not check out on or before March 26, 2021 and turn in your keys, your account will be adjusted and you will be responsible for the full amount of room and board originally billed to your student account.

    You may not be eligible for the credit if you have received institutional funds for room and board, including, but not limited to, student athlete scholarship recipients, resident assistants and room grant recipients.  If you have received institutional funds, your credit may be reduced or you may receive no credit.  If you have questions about the amount of credit that you received, you should contact Bronco Express.

  • How is the credit applied? Do I get a refund check?

    How is the credit applied? Do I get a refund check?

    The credit is applied to your student account.  If you have outstanding charges on your account, the credit will first be applied to them.  If credit funds remain, a refund for the credit balance will be processed.  Refunds will be processed through accounts receivable and either will be transmitted electronically to the financial institution you established for e-refunds or mailed to the mailing address established on your account. 

    For example:

    Account balance due before credit


    Housing and dining credit applied


    Refund to be issued


  • How was the credit amount determined?

    The residence halls were scheduled to be open for 111 days during spring 2021. Students have the option of moving out of the halls by March 26, missing 35 of those days. About half of the costs of operating a residence hall are variable, and about half are fixed. A variable cost varies from day to day. Examples are perishable food and student staffing. Fixed costs are incurred for the entire year, cannot be liquidated, and make it possible for the facilities to exist and operate. Examples are building debt service, contracted services and building maintenance. 

    Moving out on March 26 will cause students to miss about 32% of their time in the halls. The variable portion of that loss is approximately 16%. Using that calculation, and rounding up, the University arrived at a $1,060 credit.

    About half of the cost of a room and meal plan is the room portion and the other half is the meal portion. The room-only credit of $530 is half of the credit of $1,060.

  • How do I checkout on March 26?

    You must turn your keys into your hall office prior to leaving campus on or before March 26, 2020.  More checkout details will be shared by hall staff during your floor meetings in the coming weeks. 

  • If I opt to stay after March 26, do I need to do anything?

    No.  You will remain in your room until the residence halls close at the end of fall semester (7 p.m. Friday, April 30).