Posting Policy

Promotion and Access Policies

Residence Life adheres to WMU’s posting policy. Specifics related to requesting postings, material distribution, space usage and donation drives in campus housing are below.


Bring originals to the Residence Life office, located on the third floor of the Faunce Student Services Building, for approval. If approved, the poster receives a stamp and you will be notified how many copies are needed. Return the copies to Residence Life for distribution to the residence halls and/or campus apartments. Housing staff posts them for you.

  • Only events sponsored by a WMU RSO or department are approved. In general, events should be on campus.
  • Office of Student Engagement approval does not guarantee Residence Life approval.
  • RSO or department names must be clear. Contact information is encouraged.
  • Posters with less than five business days from the event will not be approved.
  • Posters may be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches.
  • Most residence hall postings are approved for lobby areas only. Big or summative items are approved for individual floors (ie. homecoming week schedule, academic information).


Residence hall mailboxes are U.S. postal boxes, so mailbox stuffers are rarely approved. Items that are approved are directly applicable to campus housing as a unique student audience, such as removing cars from parking lots for snow removal. No access is available for WMU apartment resident mailboxes.

  • Mailbox stuffers are not approved for advertising individual events or organizations.
  • Submit mailbox stuffers to Laura Darrah with a pdf or copy of the item prior to it being printed.
  • A mailing list of student names and addresses will not be released.

Space Usage

Campus housing spaces are not open to the public. Lounge and meeting room space is intended for use by the residents of the building or complex. As such, outside groups and individuals are not able to use the space for meetings and other purposes, even if a resident is a member of said group.

Volleyball courts located at the residence halls are not University spaces. WMU RSOs or departments may submit requests to use the courts to Laura Darrah or the hall director of the building closest to the court. If approved to use a court, the event must end when quiet hours start. Unapproved groups will be asked to leave.

Information tables may be requested in residence hall lobbies and dining center foyers within residence halls. Approval is limited to significant events directly applicable to campus housing as a unique student audience vs. RSO recruitment or singular event promotion. Submit requests to Laura Darrah.

  • Requests for tables at Bigelow Dining Center go through the Bernhard Center.
  • Requests for tables at the Valley Dining Center go directly to Dining Services.

Donation Drive Programs

Donation drives or fundraising programs in campus housing by non-Residence Life groups are not allowed. RSOs or campus departments may inquire about co-sponsoring a drive with Residence Life. Information would be shared with housing staff should an individual hall or apartment complex wish to participate with a collaborative event. Submit requests to Laura Darrah.


Please contact Laura Darrah at or (269) 387-4463.